Halloween Number Worksheets

If your little ones enjoy learning while having fun, why not try Halloween number worksheets? These Halloween preschool activities combine the excitement of the holiday with engaging activities that will captivate your kids.

With counting exercises, number recognition tasks, and coloring opportunities, children can enhance their numeracy skills while enjoying the festive spirit of Halloween.

Download and print these free Halloween number worksheets to ignite your kids’ enthusiasm for learning during this spooky season!

For even more exciting Halloween activities, check out the rest of our free preschool printables. They’re perfect for bridging the gap between fun and learning!

Number Activities for Preschoolers

One simple way to introduce numbers is to have your child identify objects around the house and count them out loud.

You can also make it into a game by hiding a certain number of objects and seeing if they can find them all.

Another activity is to cut out large numbers from construction paper and have your child match them up with the corresponding number of stickers.

As they start to get more comfortable with numbers, you can move on to more challenging tasks, such as having them identify numbers in sequence or count backwards from 10.

By engaging in these kinds of activities, preschoolers will begin to develop essential math skills that will serve as a foundation for future success.

Halloween Number Worksheets

Preschool is a time for exploring the world and learning new things. It’s also a great time to start introducing basic concepts in math.

Preschool number worksheets are a fun and easy way to help your child develop important math skills. These worksheets can be used to introduce new concepts or review what your child has already learned. Plus, they’re just plain fun!

Preparing the Worksheets

These worksheets are print-and-go making them simple to prepare for your preschoolers. Just print them out, provide your preschoolers with crayons and/or pencils, and you’re all set.

If you’d like to make the worksheets reusable, you can slip them in a dry erase pocket or laminate them. Have kids complete the worksheets with dry erase markers.

When complete, wipe the pages clean and use them over and over again.

Completing the Activity

Each page is formatted the same way so once your child is familiar with the layout, they can complete them on their own.

Number recognition: Each page features a haunted house with a large number in the center. Have children name the number before coloring the number and the house.

Tracing: Next, children will trace the number four times. Then, they’ll trace the number word once or twice.

Writing: Now, it’s time to write the number and the number word on their own.

Number line: Look at the number line, and find the featured number. Then, circle the featured number.

Coloring: Now, comes the fun stuff! Have your child count and color candy corns in the candy jar.

Tally marks: Draw tally marks to represent the featured number.

Drawing: In the next section of the page, have children draw ghosts to illustrate the featured number.

Ten Frame: The last activity on the page is a ten frame. Have your child color in the ten frame to show the featured number. Then, they can color the witch if they’d like.

Halloween Theme for Preschoolers

Get ready for a spooktacular adventure filled with fun and laughter. Halloween is an exciting time for little ones, and we have prepared a range of activities that are perfect for preschool-aged children.

Pumpkin Decorating: Let your little artists express their creativity by decorating pumpkins. Whether it’s painting, gluing on googly eyes, or adding stickers, this activity will bring out their imaginative side.

Costume Parade: Encourage your preschoolers to dress up in their favorite costumes and host a mini parade. They can showcase their unique outfits while marching to catchy Halloween tunes. It’s a fantastic way to boost their confidence and celebrate the spirit of Halloween together.

Sensory Exploration: Create a Halloween-themed sensory bin filled with spooky objects like fake spiders, ghost-shaped erasers, and mini pumpkins. Let your preschoolers explore the different textures and shapes, engaging their senses while having a blast.

Monster Mash Dance Party: Turn up the music and get those little feet moving! Organize a monster mash dance party where preschoolers can groove to their favorite Halloween songs. It’s a fantastic way to encourage physical activity and burn off some energy.

Kid's Dance Party: HalloweenKid's Dance Party: HalloweenDrew's Famous Kids Pop Halloween HitsDrew's Famous Kids Pop Halloween HitsThe Spooky BusThe Spooky Bus


Spooky Storytime: Gather your little ones and read Halloween-themed storybooks aloud. From friendly ghosts to talking pumpkins, these stories will ignite their imagination and introduce them to the magical world of Halloween.

My First Halloween Bedtime Storybook (My First Bedtime Storybook)My First Halloween Bedtime Storybook (My First Bedtime Storybook)Little Bear - Halloween StoriesLittle Bear - Halloween Stories5-Minute Halloween Stories (5-Minute Stories)5-Minute Halloween Stories (5-Minute Stories)


As we wrap up this blog post on Halloween number worksheets, let’s reflect on the spooktacular journey we’ve taken together. We hope that we’ve provided you with practical tips and ideas to make learning numbers during Halloween an exciting adventure for both parents and teachers of preschoolers.

We firmly believe that every moment is an opportunity for learning, even during festive seasons like Halloween. By incorporating engaging activities such as these Halloween number worksheets, we can ignite a love of numbers in our little ones while embracing the spirit of the season.

As Halloween approaches, we encourage you to explore the resources we’ve shared and dive into the world of Halloween-themed learning activities. Whether it’s counting creepy crawlers, sorting candy corn, or creating pumpkin-inspired math problems, these worksheets are designed to make learning numbers a delightfully haunting experience.

Remember, the key is to make it fun, engaging, and age-appropriate for your little learners. By infusing the Halloween spirit into your lesson plans, you’ll not only spark their curiosity but also foster their development in numeracy skills.

So go ahead, embrace the magic of Halloween, and let the numbers come alive in your preschool classroom or home. Happy Halloween, and may your educational journey be filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of counting adventures!

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