5 Lively Ways to Celebrate Frog Jumping Day

Have you heard of Frog Jumping Day? I hadn’t, but what a fun idea for a holiday! Frog Jumping Day on May 13th is the perfect time to have a bit of fun while teaching your preschoolers about frogs.

Frog Jumping Day on May 13th is the perfect time to have a bit of fun while teaching your preschoolers about frogs.

Celebrate Frog Jumping Day

Read Books about Frogs

There are many wonderful books about frogs. You can study their habitat, life cycle, or eating habits. If you’re looking for a book to read, let me suggest a few of my favorites.

Frogs: Leaping Amphibians | This picture book for young kids includes an introduction to frogs as well as beautiful pictures of various frogs found around the world.

All about Frogs | This is an excellent book if you have a child who’d like to learn more about frogs. The illustrations show various parts of the frog, stages of the life cycle, as well as various types of frogs.

Frogs | This colorful book not only includes information about the life cycle, sense, and habitat of frogs, but it includes beautiful pictures of frogs resting, jumping, and eating.

Jump Like a Frog

Continue your studies by teaching your preschoolers to jump like a frog. Crouch down on your legs with your arms touching the floor, then spring into the air. Land in a crouched position. Encourage your kids to jump around the room or backyard. Just think, it’ll use up some of their energy!

Once your children are getting the hang of jumping like a frog, see who can make the most jumps. It’s a great way to practice counting with your little ones.

Play Leap Frog

Leap frog is played by having the kids crouch down in a line. The child at the rear jumps over everyone else before crouching down at the front of the line. Now the next child jumps down the line.

Again you can practice counting by counting the jumps each child makes as they leap frog across the yard.

Search for Frogs and Tadpoles

Do you have any ponds nearby? Frogs live in and near the water. Take your kids on a nature hike to a local pond and search for frogs. Can you hear the frogs calling to each other?

Look in the water as well. Often you can find tadpoles swimming around. A small container can be useful to scoop up water from the pond. You’ll be able to get a closer look at the creatures swimming in the pond before releasing them.

This frog-themed count and graph activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice counting to ten and graphing their results during your spring and summer lessons.

Draw Frogs

Once the kids start to settle down, encourage them to draw what they’ve learned about frogs. They can draw frogs jumping, eating flies, or swimming in the pond. Don’t be surprised if your kid chooses unique colors for their frogs.

Frogs are a colorful animal!

Preschoolers are fascinated by frogs. So take the opportunity of Frog Jumping Day to teach your children a little about this amazing animal!

Have you celebrated Frog Jumping Day with your kids yet?

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