Preschool Letter of the Week: Letter B Printable

Are you teaching your preschoolers the alphabet?

This preschool letter of the week printable is the perfect addition to your Letter B activities!

Your preschoolers will be introduced to many words that begin with the “b” sound. They’ll also complete mazes, dot-to-dots, counting activities, handwriting, and puzzles.

B-is-for... Preschool Letter of the Week: Letter B Printable

Letter of the Week: Bb

All you will need to complete these activity pages is dot markers, pencils, and crayons or markers. You may also want to laminate a few pages for durability.

This pack is perfect for preschoolers. Many of the pages can be adapted for toddlers and kindergarteners, as well.

Bb-Puzzles Preschool Letter of the Week: Letter B Printable

This preschool Letter of the Week learning pack contains the following activities:

  • Counting pictures that start with Bb
  • Letter Bb search
  • Label items that begin with Bb
  • Trace the words that begin with Bb
  • Letter Bb mini book
  • Handwriting practice
  • Maze
  • Dot-to-dot
  • Puzzles
  • Do-a-dot marker page
  • I Spy page with tally sheet
  • Word cards
  • Lacing page
  • Letter Bb short story
  • Reading challenge
  • and more…
Bb-Letter-Hunt Preschool Letter of the Week: Letter B Printable

Tips for completing the activities included in the Letter of the Week Bb pack:

  • Use dot markers on the letter hunt pages. This will help your little ones strengthen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • If you laminate the handwriting pages, your kids can write with dry erase markers. This allows them to use them over and over again. I would suggest laminating the maze and dot-to-dot, as well.
  • Laminate all of the puzzles for durability.
  • If your preschooler has trouble counting the images on the I Spy page, have them choose one image and cover each one with a counter – pom pom, penny, button, etc. Then, have them count the counters before recording the number on the recording page.
  • The cutting practice page can also be used as a tracing page if your preschooler isn’t ready for scissors.
  • Laminate the word cards, hole punch the top left corner, and put the cards on a ring. Then, you have a set of flashcards your preschoolers can use.
  • The “B is for Bear” page can be used two ways. Preschoolers can use a dot marker to dot each circle and color in the letter B. Or, you can laminate the page and use it as a playdough mat. Use counters (buttons, playdough balls, etc) to fill in the circles and playdough to build the “B”.
  • On the short story page, let your preschoolers mark (dot, circle, underline) each letter Bb.
Bb-Words Preschool Letter of the Week: Letter B Printable

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