Dot to Dot Dinosaurs

If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity to keep your preschool or kindergarten kiddos busy, look no further! These free printable dot to dot dinosaurs are perfect for letter recognition, handwriting practice, and number order 1-20.

Plus, they feature dinosaurs! What could be more fun? Simply download and print these free worksheets, and add them to your dinosaur activities for preschool.

These print and go pages are perfect for use at home or in the classroom. You can print them all and make a little workbook for your little ones, or you can pull out the page that corresponds with your letter of the week activities.

Dot to Dot for Kids

Dot to dot worksheets help to improve fine motor skills. Connecting the dots requires children to use their hand-eye coordination, and this can help to prepare them for writing and other tasks that require precision.

In addition, working on dot to dot puzzles can also help kids develop their problem-solving skills. In order to complete the picture, kids must figure out the order of the dots, and this can help them to develop critical thinking skills.

Finally, dot to dot worksheets can also be a valuable tool for teaching kids about numbers and counting. By connecting the dots in order, kids can see how numbers progress from one to the next, and this can help them to establish a strong foundation for math skills.

So next time you reach for a paper and pencil, consider giving your child a dot to dot worksheet instead!

Letter Formation Worksheets

When it comes to learning how to write, preschool and kindergarten students often benefit from using letter formation worksheets.

These worksheets provide valuable handwriting practice as kids learn how to form each letter of the alphabet.

In addition, letter formation worksheets can also help to improve fine motor skills and promote correct pencil grip. With a little practice, your child will be forming letters like a pro in no time!

Dinosaur Activities for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for some fun dinosaur activities for preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. From dinosaur crafts to dinosaur math games, there are plenty of ways to keep little ones entertained.

One of our favorite activities is making homemade fossils. All you need is some modeling clay and small objects like shells or stones. Once the clay is rolled out, kids can press their objects into the clay to create their own mini fossils.

If you’re looking for something a bit more educational, try a dinosaur scavenger hunt. Print out pictures of different dinosaurs and hide them around the house or yard. Then, see if your child can find them all. For an added challenge, see if they can identify each dinosaur by its features.

Whatever activities you choose, your preschoolers are sure to have a roarin’ good time! And, if you need more ideas, check out some of our favorites below:

Dinosaur Fun for Kids

These felt dinosaur tails have a velcro “belt” that allows kids to wear them when they’re playing dress-up and pretending to be dinosaurs.

Add some fun dinosaur figures to your pretend play area for hands-on learning through play.

Dot to Dot Dinosaurs

To get started, print out your desired pages. As I mentioned above, you can print them all and put them in a folder to create a little workbook for your kids.

Or, you can print them individually and add them to your letter of the week activities. If you want to make the pages reusable, you can laminate them or slip them into a dry erase pocket.

Have your child identify and then trace the capital letter on the left-hand side of the page. Then, they will connect the dots to finish the dinosaur. Finally, children can color the dinosaur if they’d like.

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