Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Here’s a fun Valentine card craft for preschoolers. Assemble hearts to create a flower that wraps around a lollipop. Adorable!

Add this fun craft to your Valentine’s Day preschool activities. Kids will love making the craft and passing them out to friends and loved ones.

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Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Providing kids with time for arts and crafts gives them opportunities to work on important skills.

This construction paper craft provides an opportunity to teach or review the “heart” shape. It also provides scissor skills practice as kids cut out the shapes. They’ll also build fine motor skills as they punch holes in the hearts and thread them on the lollipop.

What You’ll Need

How to Make This Construction Paper Craft

To make this Valentine paper craft, draw a half of a heart on your construction paper, and cut it out. You can also download a Valentine heart template to trace, if you’d prefer.

Fold your paper in half lengthwise. Trace the half heart template you made matching the long straight edge of it up with the fold. You will need to cut out 4 hearts for each lollipop.

valentine-heart Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Cut out the half hearts, and then unfold them to reveal the full-sized hearts.

valentine-craft Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Punch a hole about ¼” from the tip of each heart.

valentine-heart-craft Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Gluing between each layer, just at the tip of the heart, stack 4 hearts on top of one another in a flower shape and be sure to align all 4 holes directly on top of eachother.

Use a pencil or a marker to write your friend’s name somewhere on the “flower”.

Place the lollipop stick through the center of the holes and it’s ready to give away!

valentine-heart-craft-lollipop Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Books for Valentine’s Day

Reading is a fantastic way to celebrate any season, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Here’s a selection of heartwarming books for preschoolers that perfectly encapsulate the essence of love and friendship.

These books, with their enchanting narratives and charming illustrations, promise to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Whether you are sharing these stories with your little ones or simply indulging in a cozy reading session by yourself, these books are sure to spread Valentine’s Day cheer.

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Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine– It’s Valentine’s Day, and Splat and his friends want to give Mrs. Wimpydimple something special.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown! – It’s Valentine’s Day and Charlie Brown is trying to find the courage to give the Little Red-Haired Girl a valentine!

Snowy Valentine– Step out into a snowy Valentine’s Day with Jasper the bunny as he searches the forest valley for a special gift for his loved one.

valentine-card-craft-2 Valentine Card Craft for Preschoolers

Valentine Fun

Valentine’s Day coloring cards are perfect for class parties and playdates! It’s like a gift and an activity all in one. 

What kid doesn’t love Bingo? This adorable Valentine’s Day bingo set is perfect for the school classroom or a large family gathering or party — with 30 unique game boards. 

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