Sweet Treats Color By Number Printable

Donuts, ice cream, and cake, oh my! Preschoolers will love working on number recognition with this sweet treats color by number printable pack.

If you’re looking for a fun math activity to add to your upcoming preschool lessons, you don’t want to miss these color by number worksheets.

Not only will these preschool math pages keep your little ones busy, but they’ll help reinforce early math and motor skills, as well.

These free preschool printables include eight different pictures for your preschoolers to color.

Sweet Treats Color By Number Printable

These color by number pages provide a great opportunity to talk about dessert and your child’s favorite treats. What are your preschooler’s favorite snacks and treats?

Print these worksheets for your preschoolers. I like to print them on standard printer paper.

Grab your preferred coloring medium. I prefer for my kids to use crayons – Crayola crayons to be exact. I think Crayola crayons color smoother than any other brand.

Your preschoolers can also use markers or colored pencils, if you’d prefer.


If your preschooler isn’t ready to read and identify color words yet, set out only the crayons they’ll need to complete the page.

Use those crayons to color the color word on the worksheet. Then, preschoolers can use those as visual cues to decide which crayon to use.


Fill your book basket with a great collection of books about treats. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Clark the Shark: Too Many Treats (I Can Read Level 1)Twinkle and the Fairy Cake MessIzzy the Ice Cream Fairy Sticker Dolly Dress Up


Clark the Shark: Too Many Treats – Clark the Shark’s mom is making brownies for school. But when Clark decides to taste just one, the impulsive shark can’t stop eating! Yum-yum-YUM. Will the class treat be ruined?

Twinkle and the Fairy Cake Mess – Twinkle the fairy is very excited for the school picnic. She wants to bake a cake, but she only ends up making a mess. Luckily two very special fairies come to the rescue in this deliciously sweet story about friendship.

Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy – Izzy the Ice-Cream Fairy is back – and this time, it’s up to you to dress her in fabulous new outfits! Children will love dressing up Izzy, and with over 400 stickers to use in the book or elsewhere, they are sure to be entertained for hours!

Teaching Resources

This adorable cupcake sensory bin is perfect for preschool. It’s time to create some yummy treats and goodies. Children will enjoy using all the materials in the sensory bin to have fun, use their imagination and engage in play.

Here’s a fun cupcake-themed alphabet matching game designed for use on a felt board. Kids will match cupcake tops and bottoms with uppercase and lowercase letters on them.

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