Nonfiction Books About Farm Animals

Add nonfiction books about farm animals to your preschool farm theme for a fun way to introduce your kids to animals and life cycles.

As you begin planning your farm activities for preschoolers, be sure to share facts and information about a wide range of farm animals. The books below are a great starting point.

Among the books below, you’ll find a few nonfiction books that give an overview of different animals you might find on the farm.

The rest of the books focus on one animal. You’ll find books about horses, chickens, pigs, and more.

Nonfiction Books About Farm Animals

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of nonfiction books that will help your preschoolers learn about farm animals.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

National Geographic Readers: Farm Animals (Level 1 Co-reader)Farm Animals (A Chunky Book(R))Chicks! (Step into Reading)


Farm Animals – Readers will learn all about adorable farm animals in this new reader from National Geographic Kids.

Farm Animals – With a fun array of rabbits, sheep, pigs, and more, this is one farm that little ones will want to visit over and over again.

Chicks! – When a family brings home chicks from a local farm, they must do everything they can to make sure their feathered friends thrive in their new environment.

Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series)National Geographic Readers: PoniesThe Hen Who Sailed Around the World: A True Story


Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones – Ruth Heller’s prose and pictures are the perfect means for discovering the variety of oviparous animals and their unique ways of laying eggs.

Ponies – Children will be captivated as they watch a brand new baby foal walk within minutes of being born then quickly turn into one of the most graceful animals on Earth.

The Hen Who Sailed Around the World – Meet Monique! In this true story, online phenomenon Guirec Soudée shares his adventures both unbelievable and heartwarming, sailing around the world with his brave, affectionate red hen, Monique.

Let's Hatch Chicks!: Explore the Wonderful World of Chickens and EggsTurkeys (Bullfrog Books: Animals on the Farm)DK Readers L0: Ponies and Horses (DK Readers Pre-Level 1)


Let’s Hatch Chicks! – In this book you’ll meet Violet, a plucky and fun-loving chicken. Violet has an exciting secret to share with you: she’s ready to be a mom! 

Turkeys – Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they discover the unique features and behaviors of turkeys.

Ponies and HorsesPonies and Horses introduces the very youngest readers to the exciting world of ponies, horses, and the people who ride and care for them.

Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much MoreChicken (Life Cycles)Buckley the Highland Cow and Ralphy the Goat: A True Story about Kindness, Friendship, and Being Yourself


Clarabelle – Following a day in the life of Clarabelle, one of 1,200 cows on a Wisconsin dairy farm, we learn what it takes for a cow to produce life-giving milk and also by-products like electricity.

Egg to Chicken – Learn about the life cycle of chickens, from how eggs grow to how they hatch into chicks, and how those chicks grown into chickens. Also learn what chickens eat, why they cluck, and learn about some record-breaking chickens.

Buckley the Highland Cow & Ralphy the Goat – Ralphy and Buckley are different in every way, but despite this they become fast friends. Buckley soon learns that a loving, supportive farmyard family can come in all shapes and sizes.

Beatrice's GoatHappy Little Goats: Live Life Like a Kid! (Cute Animal Books, Animal Photo Book, Farm Animal Books)Pigs (First Step Nonfiction)


Beatrice’s Goat – Based on a true story, this heartwarming picture book shows how one gift changed the fate of a poor Ugandan family—especially the young girl who wanted to go to school.

Happy Little Goats: Live Life Like a Kid – Too cute to blame for eating all the oranges off the tree or climbing onto the roof, these endearing creatures will show you what a carefree life really looks like.

Pigs – Take a visit to the farm and learn about the features and roles of a pig.

Which of these books about farm animals will you read first?

Our Favorite Farm Resources

Toddlers and preschoolers will love moving the animals around the farm in this farm playset travel toy.

This Fun on the Farm John Deere playset includes tractors, trailers, farm animals, farmer, and more!

Add some Old MacDonald Had a Farm finger puppets to your pretend play area, and your kids will act out their favorite farm stories over and over again.

Use this life cycle of a cow worksheet to teach your little ones how these adorable creatures change and grow from calf to adult. It’s the perfect addition to your life cycle activities for kids.

Choose one of more of these engaging Farm Board Books to read to your toddlers and preschoolers throughout your farm-themed unit.

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