Star Wars Preschool Pack

Did you know that May 4 is considered Star Wars Day? Your young Star Wars fans will love learning with this set of Star Wars preschool printables.

Kids ages 4-6 will practice early math and literacy skills when you add this worksheet pack to your Star Wars preschool activities.

Whether you add them to your Star Wars Day lesson plans or you pull them out for your little Star Wars fan, you can’t go wrong. May the Fourth be with you!

Whether you’re celebrating Star Wars Day on May the 4th or you just have a mini-Star Wars fan, your preschoolers and kindergarteners will love working on letters, numbers, and more with their favorite movie characters!

Star Wars Printables

These free preschool printables are a fun way to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters, counting to ten, handwriting, and number order just to name a few skills.

There are more than twenty activities included in this 35-page preschool printable. While some of the pages require a little preparation, most are print-and go. Easy peasy for preschool moms and teachers alike.

Fun Ways to Use These Printables

This set of free Star Wars printables is perfect just as it is. But there are so many ways you can use them to work on additional skills.


If your kids have some Star Wars mini-figs or action figures, they can match them to the characters on these printables.

Scissor Skills

While I use my paper cutter to cut apart the puzzles and ABC matching cards, you can give your child some additional practice with scissors by letting them cut apart the pieces themselves.

Capital Letters in Names

For your older preschoolers and kindergarteners, you can introduce the fact that names begin with capital letters. You don’t have to call them proper nouns, but your planting seeds for later learning.

More Star Wars Free Printables

If your preschoolers enjoy these worksheets, they’ll love the addition of more printable Star Wars activities! Check out the engaging activities below:

What’s Included in This Pack?

Inside this set of free Star Wars printables, you’ll find the following learning activities:

4-part puzzles – Laminate the puzzle pages for stability. Then, cut apart the puzzles and let your  preschoolers reassemble them.

ABC matching cards – Laminate these pages for durability, as well. Cut them apart, and have preschoolers match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Alphabet mazes – Trace a path through the alphabet. To make these mazes reusable, you could laminate them and let your kids write with dry erase crayons.

Letter hunts – Circle or dot the featured letter. 

Counting practice – Count the images and identify the correct number.

Graphing practice – Roll the dice and color the graph. It’s a race to the top!

Handwriting practice – Handwriting pages featuring your preschooler’s favorite Star Wars characters. To make them reusable, you could laminate them and let your kids write with dry erase crayons.

• and more…


Fill your book basket with a great collection of preschool Star Wars books. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Star Wars: Search Your FeelingsStar Wars OBI-123: A Book of NumbersStar Wars ABC-3PO: Alphabet Book


Search Your Feelings – Featuring poems and art about different emotions that tie to iconic moments from across the Star Wars saga, this is the perfect book to add to a youngling’s growing library.

Obi-1 2 3 – Counting with Star Wars is hardly a chore! From the chosen ONE to a transport of TWENTY this book is full of numbers aplenty! So, Padawans, prepare, get ready, get set for a numerical lesson you’ll never forget!

ABC-3PO – With galactic friends who are hardly a bore. From Akbar to Zeb, this nice little primer will teach you and make you an excellent rhymer. So, Padawans, prepare, get ready, get set to learn the ways of the Force–and the alphabet!

More Star Wars Activities

Cootie catchers are a great tool for working on building muscles in your child’s hands and fingers. This Star Wars inspired cootie catcher is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! Nourishing My Scholar

Inspire your Star Wars fans to dress like their favorite characters with more than 50 Star Wars costumes ideas! 3 Boys and a Dog

Kids can practice their handwriting and record their thoughts in this free Star Wars journalNatural Beach Living

If you ever wanted to engage your little ones in a fun and educational activity, look no further than this Ewok catapult. By building this creative contraption using sticks and stones, children not only get to explore their imagination but also delve into the world of physics and engineering. May the force of Star Wars science be with you as you embark on this exciting crafting journey!

Star Wars Preschool Resources I Love!

These books and resources are perfect for Star Wars Day and every day! 

A Star Wars inspired Mr. Potato Head is sure to keep your preschoolers engaged as you read one or more of their favorite Star Wars books

Teach your preschoolers their ABC’s with these Star Wars Alphabet Flash Cards!

With this Star Wars Felt Board Pattern, you’ll be able to set up an awesome Star Wars activity that will inspire hours of imaginative play. 

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