May Preschool Activity Calendar

Don’t miss this exciting preschool activity calendar! Celebrate all of May’s holidays and special days with books, printables, and hands-on activities that are perfect for tots and preschoolers!

May is full of quirky holidays and learning opportunities that are sure to engage your toddlers and preschoolers.

Today, I’ve got another installment of my preschool activity calendar that will help you get your kids in the mood for spring and have them looking ahead to summer.

Throughout the month of May, kids will explore many holidays, read great books, make fun crafts, and more!

I’m looking forward to sharing all of these great toddler and preschool activities with you.

May Preschool Activity Calendar

Print out the May tot and preschool activity calendar. Tape it to your refrigerator, or hang it up in your playroom.

Every morning, check the calendar for a new activity of the day. If there is no new activity listed, let your preschooler choose a fun activity to do for that day.

Here are some links and ideas to help you complete the activities on May’s preschool activity calendar:

May 1 – Read your child’s favorite nursery rhymes today in honor of Mother Goose Day.

Afterward, you can explore ten popular nursery rhymes with this amazing 100-page bundle.

The Real Mother GooseThe Original Mother Goose: Based on the 1916 ClassicFavorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose


May 4 – Today is Star Wars Day! Download my free Star Wars printable pack to use with your preschoolers today.

May 6 – Celebrate National Nurses Day by reading a children’s biography about Florence Nightingale.

Then, let your students make lanterns like the one Florence Nightingale carried.

May 9 – Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Read Robert Munsch’s Smelly Socks with your preschoolers. Then, gather up your old mismatched socks and let your preschoolers try one or more of these sock crafts:

May 10 – Today is Clean Your Room Day. Inspire your kids with How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? Then, turn tidying the playroom into a fun learning activity with this hands-on sorting activity.

May 11 – Today is Eat What You Want Day. What will your child choose?

May 12 – Can you and your kids write a limerick in honor of Limerick Day? If you need some inspiration, try reading one of these books first:

All Mixed Up: A Collection of Limericks for KidsThere Once Were Some Limericks For Kids: A Silly Assortment Of Funny Bone TicklersLimericks for Kids: Short Limerick Poems for Children Age 7 & Up


May 13 – Today is Frog Jumping Day! Read Jump, Frog, JumpThen, discover five lively ways to celebrate Frog Jumping Day with your preschoolers.

May 14 – Today is Dance Like a Chicken Day. Read Chicken Dance and teach your kids the chicken dance.

May 15 – Read How the Cookie Crumbled in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day. Make some homemade chocolate chip cookies today, and then try one of these fun cookie-themed activities with your preschoolers:

May 16 – Today is Wear Purple for Peace Day. Dress your kiddos in purple and read PurpliciousHere’s a great collection of purple activities you can do with your preschoolers today:

May 18 – Today is Visit Your Relatives Day. Read The Relatives Came. Do you have relatives that live close enough to visit? If so, plan a day trip.

May 20 – Today is Pick Strawberries Day. Visit your local strawberry farm, and then try one or more of these recipes with your freshly picked berries:

May 23 – Read Kindergarten Luck in honor of Lucky Penny Day. Explore pennies (and other coins) with your preschoolers after you print out this free Exploring Coins learning pack.

May 25 – Today is Tap Dance Day. Read about Tallulah’s Tap Shoes.

May 26 – In honor of National Jazz Day, read Jazz

May 28 – Today is National Hamburger Day. Fire up the grill, and settle in to read Burger Boy with your kids before you throw a few on the grill.

May 29 – Read Compost Stew to teach your kids about composting on Learn About Composting Day.

May 31Save Your Hearing Day is a great day to read Shhh…A Book About Hearing

Which day are you and your preschooler most excited to celebrate this May? Be sure to mark it on your preschool activity calendar so you don’t forget!

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