Rabbit Activities for Preschoolers

These rabbit activities for preschoolers are perfect for spring, Easter, and animal lesson plans.

This eight-page activity pack features activities that teach the life cycle of a rabbit, focus on the letter Rr, ending sounds, and more.

Add these free spring printables to your lesson plans during the months of March and April. They’re perfect in the days before Easter, as well.

Rabbit Activities for Preschoolers

You don’t want to miss this mini-pack designed to reinforce early math and literacy skills while also strengthening motor skills and logical reasoning.

There are eight worksheets included in this pack that each focus on a different skill.

Life Cycle of a Rabbit

The first page in this pack shows the life cycle of a rabbit. You can use this page to introduce the four stages of the life cycle and the name of each stage.

If you’d like, you can print two copies. Cut out the images on one page, and have kids match them to the page that is still intact.

Then, take the intact page apart, and have kids put the images in order. As they put the images in order, have them retell the life cycle aloud.

Label a Rabbit

Labeling is a great way to build a young child’s vocabulary. Cutting out the labels is a good way for them to strengthen scissor skills, as well.

Have children cut out the labels, and glue them in the correct box on the rabbit.

You can make this a reusable activity by laminating the page and adding velcro dots to the boxes and the backside of each label.

Handwriting and Letter Recognition

I suggest printing this page on cardstock and laminating it for durability. Have children use dry erase markers to complete the page.

Children can trace the large letters at the top of the page. The arrows and numbers will help your child learn proper letter formation.

They can then continue to practice handwriting with the dashed lines.

Next, they’ll work on letter recognition as children search for the letter Rr among other letters of the alphabet.

Finally, they’ll color the letter R and r.

Rabbit Maze

Children will work on logical reasoning and fine motor skills with a fun maze. They’ll love helping Mr. Rabbit find his carrot.

Bunny Math

Use dot markers or crayons to complete the number maze tracing a path from 1-16.

Learning Colors

Kids will work on colors, color words, and shapes with the “Learning Colors” page. On the left, there is a list of colors – all colors of the rainbow plus violet and pink.

Kids will draw a line from the color word to the same colored shape. As they draw lines, have kids name the shapes.

Bunny Puzzle

This page is so much fun for kids! And, they’ll really work on their fine motor and logical reasoning skills as they complete it.

Have children cut out the squares at the bottom of the page. They’ll use their logical reasoning skills to determine where each square belongs on the puzzle.

They’ll likely need to spin it, turn it, and manipulate it until it is turned properly and lines up with the rest of the image.

Once the glue dries, kids can color the Easter picture if they’d like.

Ending Sounds

Have children name each of the pictures on the page listening to the sound at the end of each word.

Once they’ve identified the ending sound, use a dot marker or crayons to identify the letter that makes that sound.

Children can color the pictures, if they’d like.


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Teaching Resources

These adorable plush bunnies make great Easter basket fillers as well as toys kids can use to act out their favorite books about rabbits.

This popsicle stick Easter bunny craft is perfect for kids, and it makes a great addition to your rabbit lesson plans.

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