I Spy Sticker Pages

Learn how you can make I Spy sticker pages for your preschoolers. They make a great quiet-time activity for little ones.

Little ones just love I Spy games! It must be searching through all the bright colors and the many different shapes and sizes to find something cute and tiny!

My kids love to say “I Spy, With My Little Eye….” as they are searching.  This game can be played anywhere and is great for long car trips or waiting at doctors offices.  

You don’t need anything to play this game, but sometimes it’s fun to have something to hold and look at while you are playing!

I Spy Sticker Pages

I was hunting for some fun and simple crafts for my 4 year old to do when I came across a cute idea on Pinterest!

We have a drawer FULL of stickers! Stickers we get from Trader Joe’s or doctor’s offices, church, dollar store, birthday goodie bags, and more! Anytime we have extra stickers, they go in the drawer.

This I Spy project is perfect for using up random stickers that have no theme. It’s always nice to clean out an overflowing craft drawer.

This is really the simplest craft ever:

1. Find a nice piece of cardstock. Neutral colors are best since there will be so many colored stickers on it.

2. Get a huge pile of stickers and start filling the sheet. Try not to leave any gaps.

You may want to help your preschooler as they stick the stickers to the cardstock.

Make sure that they don’t overlap the stickers so you can see each sticker clearly.

This is our completed sheet. Look how proud she is!

completed sheet

3. After the page is filled up, flip it over and start writing things to find. This is great to help with color and shape recognition, counting and more.

A few examples of questions on our page are:

  • 14 pieces of fruit
  • 12 flowers
  • A mustache
  • 6 Birds
  • 4 Disney Characters
  • 5 Purple Things

4. Laminate your sheet to make it last! At first, I didn’t laminate ours and stickers were falling off.

A good laminator is a must have for preschool crafts and printables. It took me just a minute to laminate it and make it sturdy and waterproof.

Now we have our very own, portable, I Spy Quiet Game. These are great to take on the road, if you will be waiting for a long time at an appointment, or just for quiet time during the school day.

My oldest daughter likes to read the questions to my little one and help her search for the items. This works out great when I am doing phonics and reading time with my other daughter!


Fill your book basket with a great collection of I Spy preschool books. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

I Spy A To Z: A Book of Picture RiddlesI Spy: A Book of Picture RiddlesI Spy Mystery: A Book of Picture Riddles


I Spy A To Z: A Book of Picture Riddles – Easy-to-read rhymes by Jean Marzollo are paired with 46 object-filled photographs by Walter Wick to create the most engaging alphabet book ever!

I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles – From a castle of blocks to a box full of toys, readers can examine the different objects, solve the picture riddles, and become an I Spy detective!

I Spy Mystery: A Book of Picture Riddles – From a cluttered attic to a sea of marbles, readers can examine the different objects, solve the picture riddles, and become an I Spy detective!

Teaching Resources

If your kids enjoy playing I Spy in the car, this I Spy busy bag is perfect for your next road trip. It works as a quiet time activity, as well. 

You can make your own I Spy busy bag with these ABC trinkets. This set includes a trinket for every letter of the alphabet. 

When you’re planning your next family game night, engage your preschoolers with a fun I Spy puzzle game. They’ll complete puzzles by matching riddles to their picture answers. 

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