Pumpkin STEM Activities for Kids

Bring pumpkins into your homeschool preschool lessons with these pumpkin theme activities! Kids will love these hands-on pumpkin STEM activities for kids.

We’ve been busy getting ready for fall at my house. We’ve dug the scarecrows out of the basement, planted some new fall mums, and decorated the front porch with pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, now is the perfect time of year to integrate pumpkins into your fall preschool themes.

Bring pumpkins into your homeschool preschool lessons with these pumpkin theme activities! Kids will love these hands-on pumpkin STEM activities for kids.

What is STEM?

Before we dive in to these activities, I wanted to take a moment to talk about stem activities for kids. To begin, STEM combines four academic areas which include science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Working on STEM activities with your preschoolers helps to create critical thinkers. Those activities increase science literacy and math skills. 

Each one of the pumpkin STEM activities below, is designed to launch your preschoolers on the path to becoming lifelong learners! 

Pumpkin STEM Activities

Don’t just make crystals this fall. Make scented pumpkin crystals with borax and fall-scented essential oils. STEAM Powered Family

Work on estimations and measurements when you set your preschoolers up for this pumpkin weighing activity. Something 2 Offer

Gather some themed erasers on your next trip to Target. Use them to have your preschoolers work on this pumpkin STEM stacking challenge with erasers. Inspiration Laboratories

This Spookley pumpkin STEM activity is a great way to pair a fun STEM challenge with a treasured pumpkin picture book. Little Bins for Little Hands

Kids will LOVE building pumpkin catapults with mini pumpkins and a few household items. Preschool Powol Packets

With this 3-D Spookley the Pumpkin math activity kids will explore 2D and 3D shapes as they attempt to build square pumpkins out of straws. Buggy and Buddy

Do pumpkins sink or float? Complete this experiment with your preschoolers to find the answer to this question. There’s Just One Mommy

With a few nails and a skein of yarn, your preschoolers can turn an ordinary pumpkin into a pumpkin geoboard. Danya Banya

My boys loved to explore rotting things. They would have loved exploring pumpkin decomposition if I had thought to do this activity with them when they were younger. Gift Of Curiosity

Explore pumpkins and physics with this book-based runaway pumpkin experiment. All Done Monkey

Bring pumpkins into your homeschool preschool lessons with these pumpkin theme activities! Kids will love these hands-on pumpkin STEM activities for kids.

Create a textured pumpkin patch craft using a textured art technique with items from around the house! KC Edventures

Combine art and science with baking soda painted pumpkinsInspirational Laboratories  

Explore the concepts of sinking and floating by making pumpkin boats. The Preschool Toolbox

Kids can work on place value and subtraction with this pumpkin seed place value math activity. Rainy Day Mum

While arrays are often taught in conjunction with beginning multiplication, you can make a pumpkin patch array to work on repeated addition with your little ones. School Time Snippets

Pumpkins with squishy circuits rely heavily on help from an adult, but it’s well worth the effort when the pumpkins are done. STEAM Powered Family

If your kids love playdough as much as mine did when they were younger, they’ll love helping you mix up a batch of melting pumpkin play dough this fall.  The Jenny Evolution

Spend some time this fall focusing on fine motor skills with a hammering pumpkin. Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

You can bring the Five Little Pumpkins rhyme to life with this DIY counting pumpkin activity. Laylmom

Enhance your pumpkin lessons with these resources.

Present your child with a pumpkin anatomy felt board activity and they will learn to identify the parts of a pumpkin pretty quickly. 

LEGO fans can act out their favorite pumpkin stories with this fun Farmer’s Market block set.

Young Star Wars fans will love creating their very own R2D2 no-carve pumpkin this Halloween. 

Your little artists will love making a fun pumpkin salt painting this fall. It’s so easy!

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