Pre-Primer Sight Words Poster and Flash Cards

I love when a reader has a specific need that I can help with. Last week, in my Homeschool Journey Facebook group, someone asked for a list of sight words she could use with her preschooler.

I could have just given her a link to a sight word list from Pinterest. Instead, I knew that I could help her out by creating a sight words printable pack for her to use with her daughter.

Download these FREE pre-primer sight word cards and poster to use with your beginning readers. |

Pre-Primer Sight Words

Therefore, I sat down and wrote a huge list of sight word-based activities that I can’t wait to create for you and your preschoolers. To start with, I’ve created a pre-primer sight word list that you can use many different ways.

You can laminate it and hang it on the wall for your preschoolers to see frequently. You can use it as a checklist to assess which words your preschoolers know. Put a checkmark or sticker by the words they recognize, and continue reviewing the words they don’t know.

I’ve also included a set of sight word cards. Again, there are many different ways you can use these cards with your preschoolers.

Use them as flashcards. Print out two sets and use them to play memory match. Tape them to surfaces around the house so kids see them frequently. Let them put words together to create simple sentences.

However you choose to use them, be gentle. If your child isn’t picking up on the sight words at first, put them away. Focus on another skill, and revisit the sight words in a few days or weeks.

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