Pirate Board Game Printable

Preschoolers will love this pirate board game printable! Practice counting, taking turns, and reasoning in such a fun way.

This is a great activity to add to your pirate lesson plans. It can be used in your homeschool and in your preschool classroom. With a little prep work, you’ll be set up in no time!

This board game requires a little bit of prep work, but it’ll be worth it when your preschoolers beg to play this game over and over again.

Pirate Board Game Printable

This simple board game is perfect for preschoolers. Little ones will love rolling the dice, moving their token, and seeing who wins the race to the end.

To prep this game, I suggest printing all of the pages on cardstock. Laminate the page with the tokens and the dice. Cut each of those pieces out, and assemble the dice.

Laminate the game board and tape the two pages together to create one large game board. Go over the instructions with your preschoolers, and let them go!

Simple games like this one help preschoolers strengthen several skills. First, they’ll practice counting to six. They’ll roll the dice and count the dots. Then, they’ll move their token the same number of spaces.

Older kids can work on subitizing by recognized the number of dots without counting them.

Moving their token from space to space also helps preschoolers practice one-to-one correspondence.

Playing board games helps preschoolers learn to take turns, work cooperatively, and strengthen critical thinking skills.

When you present children with fun activities such as this one, preschoolers will stay engaged and beg to play it over and over again.


If your kids are looking for some new books to read, why not give them something that’s both educational and entertaining?

Books about pirates are a great option, as they can teach kids about history and culture while also providing plenty of adventure.

There are a number of great pirate books for kids of all ages, so you’re sure to find something that your little ones will enjoy.

A few of our favorites include:

How I Became a Pirate – A young boy named Jeremy joins Captain Braid Beard and learns the finer points of living a pirate life. 

Pirates Love Underpants – This laugh-out-loud Underpants adventure is full of pirates, sharks, and treasure. You’ll be yo-ho-ho-ing with hilarity until the pirates conclude their zany expedition!

Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate – This rhyming pirate adventure tells the hilarious story of a pirate captain who demands perfection of himself and his crew—until one by one, his crew begins making minor mistakes and are quickly shown to the plank!

So put on your eyepatch and get ready for some swashbuckling fun—these books are sure to be a hit with your young pirates!

Fun Pirate Activity Ideas

If you’re potty training your little pirate, he or she will love tracking their progress on this printable reward chart

Pirate Funny Barrel is a fun game the whole family can enjoy. Who can put all their swords in the slots without waking the pirate? 

Preschoolers can work on visual discrimination with these Pirate Printables: Same or Different

Print these pirate handwriting practice pages so your preschoolers can practice their handwriting on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Learn to talk like a pirate with more than 60 pirate sayings!

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This pirate count and graph activity pack is a great way for preschoolers to practice counting and graphing skills all year long!  Add these printable activities to your pirate theme preschool plans. Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day or add them to your Letter of the Week lessons.

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