Mother’s Day Craft for Preschool

Moms will adore this cupcake liner Mother’s Day craft for preschool kiddos to make. The free printable template makes it so easy to create!

Not only is this fun preschool craft a great addition to your cat-themed preschool lessons, it is also an adorable gift to give Mom for Mother’s Day.

With just a few basic craft supplies, you’ll be set to help your kids create this fun cupcake liner craft.

cupcake-liner-craft-1-683x1024 Mother's Day Craft for Preschool

Mother’s Day Craft for Preschool

Young children love expressing their creativity with arts and crafts. Even more than that, they love sharing those arts and crafts with loved ones.

They’ll beam with pride when they present mom with this fun cupcake liner cat craft for Mother’s Day or her birthday.

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

First, print the template on cardstock. If you use white cardstock, let your preschooler color in the cat pieces.

You could use colored cardstock if your preschoolers don’t like to color.

NOTE: Coloring and cutting are both great fine motor skill builders.

Choose between the heart that says “Mom” or use the one that doesn’t. This one is great for Grandma or a close friend.

Cut out all of the pieces.

Flatten the cupcake liners, and glue them to a separate piece of cardstock. Glue one cupcake liner near the bottom to act as the body and the other on top for the head.

mothers-day-craft-for-preschool Mother's Day Craft for Preschool

Now, glue the feet to the bottom of the body liner and the ears to the top of the head liner.

Glue the heart to the center of the body.

Glue the paws to to the heart so the cat is “holding” the sign.

Now, glue the little heart to the face to act as the nose, and add two google eyes.

To finish the craft, draw on a smile, whiskers, and eyelashes.

cupcake-liner-fb-1024x536 Mother's Day Craft for Preschool


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mothers-day-cat-2 Mother's Day Craft for Preschool

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