DIY Cardboard Tube Garage Craft

Your car-loving kiddo will love helping you make this awesome cardboard tube garage craft! It is sure to inspire hours of imaginative play!

Toilet paper roll crafts are always a hit with preschool moms and teachers. We love recycling materials to make crafts with our kiddos.

This DIY garage craft is going to be a hit with kids! It makes the perfect activity for a long, hot summer afternoon.

DIY Cardboard Tube Garage Craft

Both of my boys loved playing cars when they were younger. Now, my 2.5 year old grandson is following suit. He loves to line his cars up and drive them across the couch over and over again.

If your little ones are the same way, they’ll love helping you turn empty cardboard tubes into a fun parking garage sized perfectly for their favorite cars.

What You’ll Need

Full Overlap Box (7”W x 9”H x 4”D)

20 Empty cardboard tubes

Construction paper of your choice

1 White sticky name tag (we got ours at the dollar store)

Large black marker


Glue gun (and glue)

What You’ll Do

Before you get started, plug your glue gun in so it can warm up while you prep your box.

To get started, cut off both the right and left side flaps. Trim them the best you can for a clean finish. Leave the top and bottom flaps for the pavement and “garage” sign.

Measure out and cut your construction paper, then glue it accordingly.

Cover the top and sides with construction paper. Use the same color on the top flap. This will be where your sign goes.

Glue black paper to the bottom flap. This will be your pavement.

Glue each cardboard tube into their designated area. I find it easiest to start on the bottom and work my way up.

Using your large black marker write “GARAGE” at the top. Or perhaps you’d like to write your child’s name (i.e. “Jacob’s Garage” or “Sarah’s Garage”).

Cut the white sticky name tag in thin strips and place them on your pavement to mark off your parking spaces and your road.

You can use one of your cars as a measuring guide to arrange your parking spaces.

You could also use a white paint marker if you have one.

Your garage is now ready to receive vehicles! You can always adapt the design and use a bigger box with even more paper rolls if needed. We know first hand that these car collections can get quite big!


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