Spring Fairies Printable

Step into a whimsical world of enchantment with our lovely assortment of spring fairies printable for preschoolers! These delightful spring printables are crafted to spark young learners’ imaginations, whisking them away to a magical realm where fairies frolic amidst blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies.

Our spring printables provide endless creative exploration and learning avenues, from adorable handwriting practice pages to engaging math activities. Come along as we embark on a journey of wonder and discovery, where each page unveils a gateway to the captivating universe of adorable fairies!

To use these free preschool printables, just download the pack at the bottom of this post. Print out your desired pages, and they’re ready to go.

These print-and-go worksheets can be printed out over and over again to provide your little one with as much practice with letters and numbers as they need.

Spring Fairies Printables

Inside this pack of fairy printables, you’ll find more than twenty pages designed for preschool and kindergarten students.

Each is adorned with adorable fairies and flowers. The bright colors will engage your little ones as they complete these pages.

Fairy Worksheets

These free fairy printables are the perfect addition to your preschool lessons this spring. Inside this pack, you’ll find the following activities:

Handwriting Practice

There are a variety of handwriting practice pages included in this pack. Preschoolers will trace the entire alphabet – both uppercase and lowercase letters. They’ll also practice tracing numbers 1-10.

Letter Ff

There are two “F is for…” pages. One features flowers, and the other features fairies. Children will trace a row of uppercase letters and a row of lowercase letters. Then, they’ll write them in their very best handwriting. Then, they’ll trace the words flower and fairy.

Letter Hunt

On a grid of letters, children will search for the letter Ff. They can circle the letters or use a dot marker to identify them.

Memory Matching Game

This game is perfect for practicing visual discrimination and strengthening memory skills. With different versions of the same fairy, flower, and butterfly, this can be a challenge for younger preschoolers.

If you’re using this with younger children, you may want to pull out just one of each type. Then, add more as your kids become proficient with the game.

Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To

Being able to compare sets is an important math skills for kids to acquire. On this page, count the objects in each set. Then, cut and paste the correct math symbol to mark each set as greater than, less than, or equal to.

Graphing Practice

Cut and assemble the dice. Roll the dice and color in a square. Continue play until one column reaches the top.

This game can be played independently. Or, you can print two and have a team of two race to the top.

Count and Clip Cards

Print, laminate, and cut apart the cards. Count the objects on each card, and identify the correct number. This pack focuses on numbers 1-15.

Writing Prompt

Children can write about fairies on the writing paper. They can write the word fairy over and over again. Or, they can write a short sentence about fairies on the page.

If your kids aren’t ready to write on their own, allow them to dictate a story to you for you to write on the page.

Letter Maze

Kids will work on letter recognition as they trace a path of F’s from the fairy to her home.


There are a few different puzzles in this printable pack. One page contains two four-part puzzles for kids to assemble. There are also two number puzzles for kids to assemble. One is 1-10 and the other is 11-20.

Counting Practice

Counting and number recognition are an integral part of preschool education. One page focuses on numbers 1-3 while the other focuses on 1-5.

Tracing Lines

When you provide your preschooler with opportunities to trace lines, they strengthen motor skills, practice proper pencil grip, and practice tracking.

Preschool Books About Fairies

Get set to plunge into the enchanting world of fairies as we delve into captivating stories crafted just for young imaginations. These books offer everything from heartwarming tales of friendship and adventure to valuable lessons in kindness and creativity, promising an enchanting journey for both preschoolers and caregivers.

Come along as we explore the wonder and magic of fairy tales, crafted to ignite imagination and cultivate a lifelong love for storytelling in young hearts.

Petal & Nettle and the Big Birthday Surprise follows the mischievous duo, Petal and Nettle, as they embark on an adventurous quest to plan the ultimate birthday surprise for their friend, Daisy. Filled with friendship, laughter, and unexpected twists, this charming tale captures the joy of teamwork and the magic of friendship in the whimsical world of the garden.

In Fairies Are Real!, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fairies, where pixie dust, crystals, and honey abound! Delight in whimsical “facts” about these beloved mythical creatures, like their clothing woven from flower petals and spiderwebs and the magical notion that a fairy is born whenever a seed is planted.

In The Little Fairy Finds Her Glow, young Lily, a timid fairy, embarks on self-discovery to find her inner light and purpose. Guided by the forest’s wisdom and her friend’s encouragement, Lily learns to embrace her uniqueness and shines brightly, illuminating the world around her with her newfound glow.

In conclusion, this free Spring Fairies Preschool Learning Pack offers a fantastic opportunity to engage young learners in a magical exploration of the spring season. With a variety of fun and educational activities centered around fairies, blossoms, and all things spring, children can delve into imaginative play, strengthen essential skills, and foster a love for learning.

Whether coloring fairy friends, practicing counting with flower petals or creating whimsical crafts, this pack will surely spark joy and wonder in every preschooler’s heart. Download it today and watch your little ones embark on an enchanting journey through the vibrant world of spring fairies!

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  1. I love the fairy pack!Thanks so much! I am wondering if the maze that has a fairy at the top and a fairy house at the bottom had the right “directions’ printed on it (?) “Take the boy to his friend” ?? Otherwise. adorable pack! I look forward to using it with my PreK girls!