Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

Don’t miss these free printable nursery rhyme sequencing cards is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids. Set includes posters, sequencing cards, and more!

Sequencing is an important foundational skill for young learners. Kids learn to put the world around them in order as they learn to sequence events and actions. 

Story sequencing is helpful when they begin retelling stories they’ve heard. They can learn to pick out important details and put them in order to show they comprehend the story.

free-printable-nursery-rhyme-sequencing-cards Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

Nursery rhymes are a great place to start with story sequencing, because they’re short. They’re usually predictable and familiar to even young preschoolers. 

Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

This set of nursery rhyme sequencing cards includes Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, and Hey Diddle Diddle. It is perfect for helping your kids physically sequence some of their favorite nursery rhymes. 

You can share the poster as you recite the rhyme with them. Then, have your preschoolers put the sequencing cards in order. Once you’ve made sure they’ve got the cards in the right order, they can glue the sequencing discs on the sequencing mat before retelling the rhyme in their own words.

nursery-rhyme-sequence Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

All you need to do to prepare this low-prep activity is print, laminate, and cut it out. I suggest laminating the poster and sequencing cards. Cut out the sequencing cards and sequencing discs.

You could also laminate the sequencing mat and discs if you want to make this a reusable activity. Just use velcro dots instead of a glue stick to complete the sequencing mat.

nursery-rhyme-sequence-cards Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

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