Earth Day Service Projects

This Earth Day take your preschoolers out to do one of these five Earth Day service projects the whole family can participate in!

Homeschooling opens the door to allowing your child to learn so much more than reading and math.

Instead of spending hours each day sitting at a desk waiting for other children to quiet down so lessons can start, your child can spend time in the community learning first hand how to improve the world.

earth-day-service-projects Earth Day Service Projects

Earth Day Service Projects

Participate in a park clean up. Many organizations will be hosting park clean ups on and around Earth Day. This is a great way to help reduce litter in your community and make parks safer for children to play in.

Join the guerrilla gardening movement and create dirt seed bombs to toss into vacant lots. Fill these seed bombs not with wildflower seeds but fruits and vegetable seeds that will help feed the needy in your community. If your city has garden beds, you have found the perfect place to add spinach and other leafy greens.

Start a community garden. Up for a larger challenge? Gather the community and start your own community garden to help provide safe clean produce for members of the community. Donate your abundance to the local food bank where those in need will be grateful for the rare treat of fresh produce.

Gather recycling materials from around your community and turn them in. Use the money you earn to start a project for your community like placing recycling bins at your local park to continue to reduce waste.

Don’t overlook the classic plant a tree. While it seems overdone, the truth is more trees are cut down on Earth Day than planted so you are still doing good. You can pack an even bigger punch by planting a fruit tree instead of something ornamental. Fruit trees will eventually grow large and flourish providing food for the homeless and needy in your community.

earth-day-family-projects Earth Day Service Projects

When it comes to Earth Day community service projects the focus should be on doing good and showing your children how the good they do will impact the local community and the Earth as a whole.

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day with your kids?

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