Summer Books for Preschoolers

Whether you’re working through a summer theme with your preschoolers or you’re looking for new books to read, don’t miss these summer books for preschoolers. Read about fireflies, camping, vacation, and more!

Fill your preschooler’s book basket with books about summer. Read them at bedtime, nap time, and anytime in between.

These are just a few of our favorite books about summer!

Don't miss these summer books for preschoolers. Kids will love reading or listening to picture boosk about fireflies, camping, vacation, and more!

Summer Books for Preschoolers

Fill your book basket with a great collection of summer books for preschoolers. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Ice Cream Summer
The Twelve Days of Summer
F is for Fireflies: God's Summertime Alphabet

Ice Cream Summer -Peter Sís’s delicious tongue-in-cheek vision of summer dishes up the whole scoop on everyone’s favorite frozen treat–and proves that ice cream is every bit as enriching for the mind as it is for the taste buds. Readers everywhere will be begging for seconds and thirds!

The Twelve Days of Summer – Patterned on the popular carol, The Twelve Days of Summer takes readers on a joyous journey into summer, from the first discovery of three eggs in a sparrow’s nest to the day when those eggs hatch.

F is for Fireflies: God’s Summertime Alphabet – Explore God’s warmest, wonder-filled season from A to Z. Build sandcastles, share picnics with others, and gaze at the starlit summer sky. And all the while, know that God delights in us and our summertime fun too.

Summer Is Summer
And Then Comes Summer

Summer is Summer – What is summer? For so many children summer is lemonade and salty air, baseball and ice cream, fireflies and starry nights, and much, much more. Join four friends as they explore the outdoor world of summer and all its sensory pleasures.

And Then Comes Summer – When the days stretch out like a slow yawn, and the cheerful faces of Johnny-jump-ups jump up . . . then it’s time to get ready for summer! From flip-flops and hide-and-seek to fireworks and ice-cream trucks, from lemonade stands and late bedtimes to swimming in the lake and toasting marshmallows, there’s something for everyone in this bright and buoyant celebration of the sunny season.

Fireflies – A young boy is proud of having caught a jar full of fireflies, which seems to him like owning a piece of moonlight, but as the light begins to dim he realizes he must set the insects free or they will die.

Summer Days and Nights
Sunflower House
It's Summer! (Celebrate the Seasons!)

Summer Days and Nights – On a hot summer day, a little girl finds ways to entertain herself and stay cool. She catches a butterfly, sips lemonade, jumps in a pool, and goes on a picnic. At night, she sees an owl in a tree and a frog in a pond, and hears leaves rustling. Before long, she’s fast asleep, dreaming about more summer days and summer nights.

Sunflower House – A charming tale about inventive children who plant some summer fun.

It’s Summer! – A child observes the coming of summer and its effects on the weather, animals, and plants. Includes suggestions for summertime activities to enjoy alone or with a parent.

Exploring Summer (Exploring the Seasons)
Mouse's Summer Muddle (Animal Seasons)
The Night Before Summer Vacation

Exploring Summer – Sizzle! Put on some shorts and try to stay cool in the hot summer season. Watch fruit ripen and baby animals grow up. See how summer brings changes for weather, people, plants, and animals.

Mouse’s Summer Muddle – Dash through the woods with Mouse and discover a dazzling summer. The woods are bursting with color and the sun is shining. Butterflies chase each other in the breeze and something mysterious is sparkling in the pond! With a little help from their friends, can Mouse find out what it is?

The Night Before Summer Vacation – A little girl and her family are getting ready to go on vacation . . . or at least they are trying to. In the effort to pack everything that will be needed, there’s bound to be something overlooked, and what that is provides a funny ending.

How Do You Know It's Summer? (Rookie Read-About Science)
What Can You See in Summer? (Seasons)
The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation

How Do You Know It’s Summer? – Covering everything from weather patterns to animal behaviors to seasonal activities, How Do You Know Its Summer? gives kids an in-depth look at this sunny season.

What Can You See in Summer? – In Summer, children are taken on a tour of things they can see in summer including typical summer activities and changes in the natural world.

The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation – It’s summer vacation, and the Berenstain Bears are off to the seashore for sun and fun. There is so much to do—swimming, fishing, building sand castles, browsing through the general store, eating delicious dinners at Gull Island Café, and visiting Gull Island Museum. Each glorious sunrise heralds a new adventure!

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation
The Night Before Summer CampSummer is Here

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation – Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister are heading to the Great Grizzly Mountains for a relaxing vacation. But a messy cabin, noisy animals, a swarm of mosquitos, and a rainstorm just might dampen all of their fun.

The Night Before Summer Camp – The first day of summer camp is almost here, and one little camper doesn’t know what to expect. For a while everything is hunky-dory . . . until rest time rolls around and he gets a bad case of nervous butterflies. But an unlikely friend appears out of the crowd and reassures him that the best cure for the summertime blues is tons of summertime fun!

Summer is Here! – Summer is a time when nature is bursting at the seams. Pick blueberries, see a caterpillar grow from an egg to a butterfly, or take a trip to the lake or beach with your family. Peek under rocks, look up in the trees, dive into the water–there is so much to learn and so much to discover together.

Summer (Beginner Books(R))
Mouse's First Summer (Classic Board Books)
Summertime in the Big Woods (Little House Picture Book)

Summer – Oh, the wonderful things that summer brings—swimming at the beach, making sand castles, catching butterflies, eating watermelon, toasting marshmallows, watching fireworks!

Mouse’s First Summer – Mouse and Minka invite you to celebrate summer with a picnic in the park. Roll down the hill on tickly green grass. Fly fluttery kites high in the sky. Enjoy some juicy watermelon! And before it’s time to go home, a summer surprise sparkles in the sky.

Summertime in the Big Woods – The warm days of summer have arrived, and that means Laura gets to spend fun-filled days outdoors!

I See Summer
Hot Dog (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1)
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)

I See Summer – From lemonade in the shade to picnics in the park, feel the summer season all around us.

Hot Dog – Poor Dog. He’s awfully hot! But Mom won’t share her lemonade. Cat won’t share his shady spot on the porch. And Skunk’s making a real stink about sharing his hollow log. What does a hot Dog have to do to get cool?

Pete at the Beach – Pete the Cat is one groovy cat at finding shells and building sand castles at the beach. But when it gets too hot, there’s only one way to cool off—jump into the ocean! Except Pete might be a scaredy-cat when it comes to the water.

Which of these summer books for preschoolers will you add to your book basket?

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities

If you love using peg dogs in your imaginative play area, you don’t want to miss these eco-friendly Summer Peg Dolls decorated with hand painted summery flowers!

Storytelling is part of the learning process. Add some summer story stones to your reading and literacy centers.

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