Roll a Pumpkin Game

Grab your copy of this printable Roll a Pumpkin game! It’s perfect for your preschool Halloween festivities at home or in the classroom. 

Whether you’re looking for a pumpkin activity to do at home or in your classroom, this roll-a-pumpkin game is perfect!

It works well as both an individual or group activity. You can use it with preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary students. 

roll-a-pumpkin-1 Roll a Pumpkin Game

Download these free preschool printables before your next playdate this fall, and let your preschoolers build their own jack-o-lanterns!

Roll a Pumpkin Game

To start, print out all of the pages. You can make this a reusable activity by printing the pages and laminating them. Cut out the embellishment pieces (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

Once you have all the pieces cut out, put a small magnet or velcro dot on the back of each one. If you use velcro dots, be sure to put the other half of the velcro dots on the pumpkin itself. 

Grab a dice, and you’re all set!

roll-a-pumpkin-live Roll a Pumpkin Game

To play this pumpkin game, I like to set the pumpkin mat on a flat surface. You can put it on a cookie sheet or hang it on the fridge, if you want to use it with magnets. 

Have your child roll the dice. Count the dots on the dice, and find a corresponding piece to add to the pumpkin. For example, if your child rolls a three, they will add a nose to their pumpkin. Continue on in this manner until the pumpkin is complete. 


You can use this activity with a group, as well. Kids can play in pairs and race to build their pumpkins. Each child will take turns rolling the dice and adding one piece to the pumpkin. Play continues until one child builds his/her pumpkin.


Fill your book basket with a great collection of pumpkin books for kids. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

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The Run-Away Pumpkin – On a windy autumn day, Marla Little comes running down the hill, yelling, “Help! My giant pumpkin is rolling away! Onward it goes, rolling and turning, with no sign of stopping! Diddle-dee-doo! Oh, what shall I do?”

 How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? – Mr. Tiffin and his students explore skip counting and estimation in a fun pumpkin-themed classroom experiment! 

The Pumpkin Book – The book features bold, clearly-labeled illustrations, directions for drying seeds, and even how to carve funny or scary faces into your pumpkin (with an adult’s help), along with a fascinating section on pumpkin facts and lore. Perfect for aspiring farmers and kids who can’t wait for Halloween!

Teaching Resources

Every child loves Halloween! What better way to get in the mood than to decorate their very own wall felt Jack O Lantern? Our pattern helps you make the cutest pumpkin for your wall.

Kids can build their own jack-o-lanterns with these awesome sticker packs. This set contains 12 sticker sheets making them perfect for Halloween parties and treat bags. 

Download Your Printables

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