Preschool New Years Party

Don’t leave your little ones out of your New Year’s plans! Follow these tips to ring in the new year with a preschool New Years party!

Can you believe 2019 is almost over and 2020 will be here soon! My little preschoolers have all wanted to stay up and ring in the New Year.

However, grumpy, sleepy preschoolers staggering around the house on January 1st is a horrid way to start the year. So, instead of trying to keep your little ones up until midnight, enjoy a New Years party geared towards preschoolers!

Don't leave your little ones out of your New Year's plans! Follow these tips to ring in the new year with a preschool New Years party!

Preschool New Years Party

Ring in the New Year Early

First, don’t even try to keep your preschoolers up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. Do your count down at 8 or 9 pm instead! Everyone will be much happier in the morning with a full night’s sleep.

Grab one clock to be the New Year’s clock and set it 3 hours early. Now the kids can watch the time coming closer and closer to midnight.

They’ll ring in the New Year… a couple hours early!

Remember Food, Drinks, and Decorations

Don’t forget to lay out food and drinks for your preschool New Years Party. You can add some traditional New Year’s food such as black-eyed peas or keep it simple with fruit, cookies, and sparkling cider.

Make sugar cookies and cut them out in the shape of a bell. Let your kids decorate and eat the cookies as part of the party.

And encourage your kids to decorate the house for your New Year’s Party. Hang streamers down from the ceiling. Decorate the walls with pictures of your favorite events from 2019.

Write wishes for 2020 on stars and hang them from the streamers or attach the wishes to the windows.

Remember to pull out all the noise makers your kids have and pile them in a corner. You’ll want to make a racket when the clock strikes midnight.

Create a Bucket List for the New Year

But in those hours between dinner and ‘midnight’ your kids will be bored. Even preschoolers can’t do nothing but decorate and eat cookies all night!

So plan time during your preschool New Year’s Party to create a bucket list of what you’d like to do as a family in 2020. Are there places you’d like to go, projects you’d like to build, or activities you’d like to do?

Write down the spectacular dreams that may not happen this year as well as fun activities that are easy to do.

Have every child come up with a couple activities for the family bucket list and post it on your refrigerator or wall. As you complete the items on your family’s bucket list, cross them off.

How many items can you complete in 2020?

Make Noise

As the clock ticks down towards midnight, hand out the noise makers to your children.

The preschoolers should have tambourines, drums, and rattles in their hands. If you don’t have those, hand your kids pots, pans, and wooden spoons.

Then as  you reach the last seconds before ‘midnight,’ do the count down. 10….9….8….7….6….5….4….3….2….1 and Happy New Year!!!!

Make as much noise as you can for the first 5 minutes of the New Year!

Bang those drums. Shake the tambourines, and wave those rattles around. It’s the one time your kids can make as much noise as they want without everyone complaining.

Ring in the new year with a blast of noise!

How do you celebrate the new year with your preschoolers?

Don't leave your little ones out of your New Year's plans! Follow these tips to ring in the new year with a preschool New Years party!

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