Free New Year Preschool Printable

If you’re excited about kicking off a brand new year with your little ones, here’s a fun pack of free New Year preschool printables to print.

Can you believe that we will start a brand new year next week? Where in the world has this year gone? It seems like this year has just flown by!

If you’re excited about kicking off a brand new year with your little ones, here’s a fun New Year’s activity for your preschoolers! Enjoy!

Free New Year Preschool Printables

The free preschool printables in this pack focus on early math and literacy skills. From letter recognition and handwriting practice to number puzzles and color practice, these preschool printables are the perfect way to add some holiday learning fun to your lessons. 

These low-prep activities are ready for you to print, prep, and go. The number puzzles should be laminated for durability. Everything else is ready to go!

What You’ll Need

  • New Year’s Preschool Pack (scroll down to download)
  • laminator and laminating film
  • crayons, pencils, and dot markers

What’s Included

  • 3-part cards
  • 4-part puzzles
  • B is for…, H is for…
  • Beginning sounds clip cards
  • Color and count
  • Counting puzzles
  • Counting practice
  • Dot pages (use dot markers or gems)
  • Handwriting practice
  • Memory matching cards
  • Trace the lines
  • Which one is different? 

Happy New Year Activities for Preschool

To make your preschooler’s New Year celebration even more exciting and enriching, here are some activities you can try:

New Year Resolution Craft: Encourage your child to think about what they want to learn or achieve in the coming year. Help them turn these resolutions into a fun craft project by creating a colorful collage or poster. This activity not only promotes creativity but also introduces the concept of goal-setting at an early age.

New Year’s Eve Countdown: Make the countdown to the New Year a memorable one by creating your own colorful countdown clock using paper plates, markers, and a movable paper hand. This activity is a fun way to teach your child about time.

Firework Painting: Recreate the magic of New Year’s fireworks with art. Help your child make a fireworks painting using straws and splatter painting techniques. This activity is a fantastic opportunity to teach your child about colors and shapes while enhancing their fine motor skills.

To boost the learning experience, incorporate these activities into your lessons and have a delightful New Year celebration with your little ones! Happy New Year!

Songs and Rhymes for New Year

Introducing songs and rhymes related to the New Year can add a musical twist to your lesson plans. Here are a few suggestions:

“Auld Lang Syne”: This traditional song is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year. Teaching this to your preschooler could be a fun cultural experience.

“Happy New Year” Rhyme: Create a simple and catchy rhyme that talks about the New Year. This can help children learn about the concept of a New Year playfully and memorably.

New Year’s Themed Books for Preschoolers

Reading themed picture books is another excellent way to celebrate the New Year with preschoolers. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller: In this story, Squirrel learns about New Year’s resolutions and how she can make one that will help her friends throughout the year.

The Night Before New Year’s by Natasha Wing: This rhyming picture book is a twist on the classic “Night Before Christmas” tale. It captures all the excitement and anticipation of New Year’s Eve.

Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport: Shanté Keys loves New Year’s Day! But while Grandma fixed chitlins, baked ham, greens, and cornbread, she forgot the black-eyed peas! Oh no―it’ll be bad luck without them! So Shanté sets out to borrow some from the neighbors.

Remember, these activities are not just about celebrating the New Year, but also about learning and growth. Incorporate these additional resources into your lessons to make the New Year celebration more engaging and educational for your preschoolers.

In conclusion, the New Year is not only a time of celebration but also a wonderful opportunity to incorporate learning and growth into the fun.

These free preschool printables, craft ideas, songs, rhymes, and book recommendations can add an educational twist to your New Year’s festivities.

By integrating these resources into your lessons, you’re not just ringing in a new year, but also instilling a love for learning that will last all year long.

Here’s to a year filled with exploration, discovery, and joy. Happy New Year!

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