Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet

Learning the alphabet can be a fun and exciting adventure for preschoolers! Our brand new Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet worksheets are designed to help your children become familiar with the alphabet in an engaging way.

Each of the 26 pages contains one dot-to-dot image as well as letters that your child can trace.

This is a great way for young children to learn number order and letter formation, and develop their fine motor skills all at once!

With these free alphabet worksheets, kids will have hours of educational entertainment while they connect dots and discover each letter of the alphabet.

Our Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet worksheets are designed to provide an engaging and educational experience for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

With 26 pages of dot-to-dot images and letters that can be traced, kids will have the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills while learning number order and letter formation.

Each free preschool printable is sure to engage little ones with learning and entertainment as they connect the dots to discover an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet

This no-prep pack of worksheets is perfect for preschool parents and teachers. It includes 26 pages – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Each page contains a large image that reveals something that begins with the featured letter when kids connect the dots. Then, they’ll have an opportunity to trace capital letters, lowercase letters, and the name of the object revealed.

Preparing the Worksheets

To get started, gather the materials you’ll need to prepare the activity. I suggest the following:

  • printer
  • printer paper
  • pencil or crayon

Now that you have all of your supplies, let’s get started with the prep work.

  • First, scroll to the very bottom of this post and enter your email address to request the file.
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Open and print the worksheets making as many as you need for your students.
  • Laminate the pages or slip them in a dry-erase pocket if you’d like to make these pages reusable.

That’s it! Now, you’re all set to use this activity with your preschoolers.

Completing the Activity

Have them choose one of the dot-to-dot worksheets and connect the dots to reveal an image.

Then, have them trace both capital and lowercase letters and the name of the object revealed.

This is a great way for young children to learn number order and letter formation, and develop their fine motor skills all at once!

By the time they’ve completed all 26 pages, your kids will be well-versed in the alphabet. Have fun with our Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet worksheets!

Dot-to-Dot Printables

Using dot-to-dot printables is a fun and educational activity for preschoolers. These worksheets help children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are essential for everyday tasks such as writing, drawing, and using utensils.

Along with these physical benefits, dot-to-dot printables also promote cognitive development. As children connect the dots in numerical order, they practice counting, recognize numbers, and learn to follow a sequence.

Additionally, completing these activities gives children a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem. Dot-to-dot printables are an engaging way to enhance your child’s early learning experience.

Alphabet Activities for Preschool

Are you looking for more alphabet crafts and activities to do with your kids?

We’ve gathered some of our favorites so you have plenty to choose from as you look for activities to supplement your upcoming lessons.

Alphabet Books for Kids

Reading alphabet books with preschoolers is a great way to introduce them to the world of letters and words.

These books typically feature colorful illustrations and simple text that help children recognize each letter of the alphabet.

As you read with your child, take the time to point out each letter and talk about the sound it makes.

You can also encourage your child to identify objects in the pictures that start with each letter.

By making reading a fun and interactive experience, you can help your child develop their language skills and build a strong foundation for future learning.

The Usborne Alphabet Picture BookChicka Chicka Boom BoomI Spy Letters


The Usborne Alphabet Picture Book – Tabbed pages introduce a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet, from an apple and a butterfly to a xylophone, yellow paint, and a zebra.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – In this lively alphabet rhyme, all the letters of the alphabet race each other up the coconut tree. Will there be enough room? Oh, no—Chicka Chicka Boom! Boom!

I Spy Letters – Toddlers and preschoolers can search photos from the original I Spy series for letters to help them learn the alphabet.Simple picture clues and rhyming riddles guide the youngest readers through 14 interactive, fun-filled spreads.

Preschool Alphabet Printables

Adding preschool alphabet printables to your lesson plans is an excellent way to reinforce the concepts learned during story time.

These printables can come in the form of coloring sheets, tracing worksheets, or even games that help children recognize and memorize the letters of the alphabet.

By incorporating these hands-on activities into your class schedule, you can create a fun and engaging learning environment that helps children retain important information while also improving their fine motor skills.

Additionally, alphabet printables can be easily customized to fit your specific lesson plan needs, making it an effective tool for both teachers and parents alike.

Our Preschool Dot to Dot Alphabet worksheets are a great way for young children to learn the alphabet while also developing their fine motor skills, number order, and letter formation.

With these fun dot-to-dot printables, your kids can build cognitive development and boost their self-esteem as they complete each activity.

Additionally, there is an abundance of additional alphabet activities that you can do with your students such as reading books or using preschool alphabet printables.

By creating a fun learning environment where these activities are incorporated into daily lessons, you’ll help ensure that your kids have all the tools needed to become well-versed in the ABCs!

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