All About My Daddy Free Printable

Are you looking for a unique and special way to help your preschoolers show their dad how much he means to them? Look no further than our brand new All About My Daddy Free Printable!

This printable is perfect for Father’s Day, a birthday, or just any day to show Dad how much he is loved and appreciated.

Celebrate the special man in your life with this fun keepsake activity that will bring lots of smiles and laughs!

Give your little one a chance to express their love for dad creatively, and capture all the wonderful things they have to say about him in this original gift idea.

If your preschoolers enjoy this activity, be sure to check out all of our Father’s Day activities for preschoolers.

Our All About My Daddy Free Printable provides an inspiring and unique way to help preschoolers show their dad how much he means to them.

Celebrate the special man in your life with this printable, which makes a great gift for Father’s Day, a birthday, or any other special occasion.

This activity is sure to bring lots of smiles and laughter, so be sure to take pictures and videos to capture the moment for years to come.

And don’t forget to look through our other Father’s Day preschool activities for even more ideas.

All About My Daddy Free Printable

The All About My Daddy Free Printable includes a variety of prompts designed to help preschoolers express their feelings and appreciation for their dad.

This printable is great for any occasion, but it is especially perfect for Father’s Day or a birthday. It includes prompts such as “My daddy likes to…”, “My daddy is very…,” and more.

Preparing the Worksheet

To get started, gather the materials you’ll need to prepare the activity. I suggest the following:

  • printer
  • printer paper
  • pencil
  • crayons (optional)

Now that you have all of your supplies, let’s get started with the prep work.

  • First, scroll to the very bottom of this post and enter your email address to request the file.
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Open and print the worksheet making as many as you need for your students.

That’s it! Now, you’re all set to use this activity with your preschoolers.

Completing the Activity

Depending on the age of your child, there are many ways to complete this activity. Younger students can dictate their responses for you to write on their paper.

For beginning writers, you can write their answers on a separate page for them to copy onto the printable.

For your older preschoolers and kindergarteners, they can write out their answers spelling the words the best they can.

There really is no wrong way to complete this activity. In fact, if you date it, you and your kids can look back at this treasured keepsake for years to come.

Father’s Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Are you looking for more Father’s Day crafts and activities to do with your kids?

We’ve gathered some of our favorites so you have plenty to choose from as you look for activities to supplement your upcoming lessons.

Picture Books About Dads

Reading picture books about dads during Father’s Day is a great way to help your preschoolers learn more about the unique and special bond that dads share with their children.

Picture books can provide young readers with insight into the dynamic relationship that exists between fathers and their kids, as well as teach them important life lessons.

I Love Dad with The VeryI Love You, Daddy: A TaleJust Me and My Dad (Little


I Love Dad – Celebrate Dad’s special day by saying “I Love You”–with a little help from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This bright and colorful book is the ideal way to tell the person you call “Dad” how much you appreciate him. It’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Dad’s birthday, or any day that you want to show Dad just how much you care.

I Love You, Daddy – Little Bear is ready for some grown-up adventures – at least, Daddy Bear thinks so. But they soon discover that Little Bear needs a helping hand. And who can help out better than Daddy Bear? I Love You, Daddy is a tale of encouragement and unconditional parental love that your little boy or girl will love to read with their father.

Just Me and My Dad – Whether he and his dad are canoeing, fishing, or building a campfire, parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect gift for Father’s Day . . . or any day!

Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Making special crafts for Father’s Day is a fun activity to do with preschoolers. It can help them learn more about their dad and the special bond they share.

It can also teach them important lessons like how to express love and appreciation. Choose a craft that your preschooler will enjoy making, like a card or decoration, and have fun crafting together!

Our All About My Daddy Free Printable is the perfect way to celebrate your special man and capture all of the wonderful things that your little one has to say about him.

Whether you choose this printable or any other Father’s Day preschool activity, make sure to take pictures and videos so you can look back on these treasured memories for years to come.

From reading picture books about dads together, making crafts with them, or simply spending quality time with each other – there are many ways for kids and their fathers to create lasting bonds through meaningful activities.

Let’s honor our amazing fathers by celebrating them in unique and creative ways!

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