Teach with I Spy Games for Kids

Playing I Spy games for kids is an absolute blast! It’s also an excellent way of teaching and reviewing letters, numbers, colors, and more with our kids.

The best part of playing I Spy games is that it costs nothing, and you can play it anywhere. Play it in the car, at the doctor’s office, or in a restaurant.

Make long waits pass quickly when you engage your preschoolers in a quick game of I Spy.

Playing I Spy games for kids is an absolute blast! It's also an excellent way of teaching and reviewing letters, numbers, colors, and more with our kids.

I Spy Game for Preschoolers

I Spy Letters

Review the alphabet with your child by playing I Spy. Simply state, “I Spy the letter I.” Encourage your child to find the letter you’re looking at. Is it on a sign, on a book, or on a page you’re reading?

This is a blast game to play while sitting in a restaurant or waiting in line. Open a magazine or a menu and look for different letters. Check out signs on the walls. Play an I Spy game and see how many different letters of the alphabet you can find.

• Download this set of uppercase I Spy Letters printable games. These alphabet worksheets are the perfect addition to your preschool literacy centers.

• Download this free set of I Spy Letters alphabet worksheets. They will make a great addition to your preschool literacy centers.

I Spy Numbers

You’re certainly not limited to letters of the alphabet during I spy. Teach your preschooler about digits by calling out numbers for your child to find. This game is a blast to play while walking down the street and looking at houses.

I spy is also fun to play when you’re near a parking lot. Check out the numbers on various license plates and see how high you can go.

I Spy Colors

I think most people are familiar with playing I Spy using colors. However don’t use the classic colors of red, green, and blue. Expand your child’s vocabulary by using words such as crimson, emerald, and azure.

Before long your preschooler will know an amazing number of colors. They’ll be chattering about the colors of the rainbow using words such as scarlet, jade, and indigo.

I Spy Signs of the Season

The world around us changes with each season. See how many signs of the season your child can spy during a game. Point out the budding leaves, the tulips, and green grass in the spring and summer.

Spy out the snow, animal tracks, and winter birds in the winter. Play I Spy with the colors of leaves in the fall.

• Don’t miss your chance to download and print this Autumn I Spy Preschool Game pack! It’s perfect for counting and visual discrimination for kids.

• While studying apples with your preschoolers this fall, let them practice counting within ten with this Life Cycle of an Apple I Spy Game.

Playing I Spy with preschoolers isn’t just a game to pass the time. It’s a marvelous way to review letters and numbers, as well as a great way to learn new vocabulary.

More I Spy Preschool Games

• Don’t miss this awesome collection of printable I Spy Animals games for kids! With more than fifteen animal themes to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

• Do your preschoolers love pirate theme activities? If so, they’ll love this pack of I Spy pirate themed printables. There are two versions included in this pack.

• Teach visual discrimination and practice counting with this super fun, low-prep I Spy Pirate Monkey Activity for preschool kiddos!

• Learning about zoo animals is so much fun for preschoolers. This I Spy Zoo Animals game is a great way to practice counting with their favorite animals.

• This October, kids will count and graph their way through this Monster Eyes I Spy for preschoolers activity. It’s great for Halloween or Letter M activities!

These Halloween I Spy Games are perfect for the month of October. Kids will build visual discrimination skills as they hunt for Halloween objects.

When is the last time you played an I Spy preschool game? And, what skills did you focus on?

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