Penguin and Pinecone Activities

Our printable Penguin and Pinecone activities will help bring this book alive in new and creative ways.

Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon is a sweet story for young children that captures the joy and anticipation of a budding friendship.

From coloring sheets to beginning sounds, these preschool penguin activities are sure to keep your little ones engaged while they listen to you read Penguin and Pinecone.

So get ready for some educational fun as we explore the story through some exciting printable activities!

Adding book-based activities to your winter preschool lesson plans can make learning even more fun!

For example, the book Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon is a great story for young children. To bring the story alive, you can use printable activities like coloring sheets and beginning sounds games.

These activities are sure to keep your kids engaged while they listen to you read the story. Try them out and have fun!

Order a Copy of Penguin and Pinecone.

Grab a copy of this story that is perfect for your upcoming lesson plans! It fits seamlessly in your Letter Pp, penguin, winter, and friendship units.

Penguin and Pinecone Activities

Penguin and Pinecone is a sweet story for kids that shares the story of a penguin who befriends a pinecone one winter day. Will they still be friends when they are far apart?

If you’re looking for ways to dig deeper into the story with your kids, our Penguin and Pinecone book-based printables are the perfect solution!

Penguin and Pinecone Read-Aloud

If you don’t have a copy of Penguin and Pinecone in your classroom library, you can show children the read-aloud video featured below before moving on to the worksheets and other activities featured below.

Book-Based Worksheets

This pack of free preschool printables includes eight book-based printables designed to help preschoolers strengthen important motor skills as well as early literacy concepts.

Color and Trace

Children will color the picture on each page and trace the sentence at the bottom.

Handwriting Practice

Children will color pictures of things from the story and then trace the word beside each one.

Circle the Smallest

Preschoolers will look at the pictures in each row and circle or color the smallest one in each set.

Cutting Practice

Cut out each strip. Then, children will cut each strip on the dotted line.

Beginning Sounds

Children will name the picture in each box and then color the beginning sound. This activity works on beginning sounds and letter recognition.

Write the Letters

This page is perfect for helping preschoolers practice letter recognition and letter formation.

Q-Tip Painting

Strengthen hand-eye coordination by painting the letters with a q-tip dipped in paint.

Parents can use our Penguin and Pinecone-based printables with their preschoolers in a variety of ways.

These activities provide an opportunity for children to explore the book and its concepts, learn new skills, and have fun doing it!

Connections to Make with Penguin and Pinecone

Reading Salina Yoon’s Penguin and Pinecone is a great way for preschoolers to explore the idea of friendship.

As the story progresses, preschoolers may easily draw connections between the book’s characters and their own lives as they imagine themselves in similar scenarios.

The illustrations are sure to keep little ones engaged and help them connect with the text by creating visual stories that bring it to life.

To connect with the story even more, preschoolers can do some hands-on activities inspired by the events in the story.

For instance, encourage children to talk about their friends and the things they enjoy doing together. Visit an aquarium or zoo to observe penguins up close. Take a walk through the yard or the woods to see if you and your preschooler can find pinecones to explore up close.

We would love to hear from you about how you have used our Penguin and Pinecone book-based worksheets with your preschoolers!

Sharing your experiences can help other parents and educators find ideas on how to use these activities to spark creativity, learning, and fun.

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