Mouse Paint Activities for Kids

These Mouse Paint activities for kids are a great way to bring Ellen Stoll Walsh’s book to life for your little ones. Crafts, printables, and more!

What happens when three white mice discover three jars of paint – red, blue, and yellow? Find out in Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

When you’re finished reading the story, choose one or more of these Mouse Paint preschool activities to extend the learning and bring the story to life.

mouse-paint-activities-for-kids Mouse Paint Activities for Kids

Mouse Paint Activities

Kids can explore primary and secondary colors with these Mouse Paint “learning about colors” activities. The Preschool Toolbox

Transform a couple of water balloons into “mice” and let your kids explore color mixing in a fun hands-on way. Pre-K Pages

Little ones will love wearing their color mixing activity when you let them tie dye a tee shirt! What a great book activity to do after reading Mouse Paint to your preschoolers. Not Just Cute

After mixing up some homemade playdough, print out the playdough mats and encourage your kids to mix colors together for some Mouse Paint color magicPlayground Park Bench

Download a copy of my Mouse Paint preschool activities pack, and your kids can work on colors, color words, color mixing, and more. Homeschool Preschool

Create a set of color mixing jars for kids to explore color mixing in a fun, no-mess activity. Powerful Mothering

Your preschoolers will work on fine motor skills as they paint color words with q-tips. Just download these free Mouse Paint printables1+1+1=1

Here’s a great open-ended activity that explores color mixing. Kids can do most of this on their own with no real rules to follow. 3 Dinosaurs

This pack of free Mouse Paint worksheets for kids covers many different skills including colors, shapes, counting, and more. 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Create a Mouse Paint flannel board or box to go with the book. Kids can use it to retell the story or act it out as you read it aloud. The Story Time Lady

mouse-paint-preschool-activities Mouse Paint Activities for Kids

Discover five fun color mixing activities your preschoolers can enjoy after you read Mouse Paint to them. Artful Parent

If your kiddos like to finger paint, they’ll enjoy this hands-on color mixing painting activityMrs. Goff’s Kinders

Kids can make their own color wheels to practice color mixing. Crayons and Whimsy

Using eye droppers to mix colored water is a great way to work on fine motor skills as well as primary and secondary colors. Learning and Exploring Through Play

Do you use lapbooks with your preschoolers? If so, this one goes with all of Ellen Stoll Walsh’s books. Pick out the color activities to go with Mouse Paint. Homeschool Share

mouse-paint-activities Mouse Paint Activities for Kids

Must Have Resources:

When completing these crafts and activities at home, I find that the following resources are very helpful to have on hand.

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities:

These fun hands-on activities for learning colors are such a great way to teach and reinforce preschool and kindergarten concepts. From sorting and matching to homemade games, there are so many fun activities here!

This set of printable color words puzzles is perfect for learning color words. Learners will assemble puzzles matching each item to the correct color word.

Do you have a child just learning their colors? Does your little one mix up blue and purple or yellow and orange? This set of color sorting mats and color cards is the perfect tool for helping preschoolers learn their colors!

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