M is for Monkey Activities for Preschoolers

Don’t miss these monkey activities for preschoolers! They’re perfect for your M is for Monkey units, animal studies, and more!

My daughters adore monkeys and I can’t tell you how many stuffed monkey ‘grandchildren’ I currently have. The number keeps growing!

And their fascination with monkeys makes for a fun topic for a monkey unit study for preschoolers.

Don't miss these monkey activities for preschoolers! They're perfect for your M is for Monkey units, animal studies, and more!

Monkey Activities for Preschoolers

Monday: Language Arts

Read fun picture books about monkeys. My kids adore Curious George and all his mischievous antics. I’ve read Curious George many, many times over the years!

Another good picture book to read is Grumpy Monkey, about a chimpanzee in a bad mood. It’s a wonderful book to read and discuss how to act when your child wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

Also print out these M is for Monkey printables! The M is for Monkey Printables not only include language arts activities but math.

Save the math worksheets for Tuesday.

Tuesday: Math

Start your math day by reading engaging counting books featuring monkeys such as 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Ten Little Monkeys, or The Cheerios Animal Play Book.

In addition play addition and subtraction games together featuring monkeys. Games such as…

3 monkeys were swinging from the trees. One monkey went back to mama. How many monkeys are swinging from the trees now?

You and your child will spend hours of fun counting and playing.

And don’t forget to pull out the math worksheets for the M is for Monkey Printables for more math fun!

Don't miss these monkey activities for preschoolers! They're perfect for your M is for Monkey units, animal studies, and more!

Wednesday: Science

A unit study about monkeys wouldn’t be complete without learning about how monkeys actually live in the wild! My recommendation is to start with the National Geography Reader about Monkeys. It gives the perfect amount of information for preschoolers.

Once you have read these books to your preschooler, have your preschooler narrate back what they learned.

When you first start having children tell you what they learned, you’ll have one of two scenarios.

  • Your child will say, I learned about monkeys! And you’ll painfully draw out more details from your child.
  • Or your child will cheerfully tell you every little detail they remember about monkeys for the next hour.

The goal is to have your child narrate about a paragraph of material they remember about monkeys. Be ready to guide your child towards a good narration with leading questions.

Afterward, write their narration down on a piece of paper. Then your child can draw a picture of monkeys on the page as well.

Now you have a beautiful notebook page about monkeys!

Thursday: Geography

Thursday is the perfect time for learning about the continents where monkeys are found: Asia, Africa, and South America.

First, find a book such as The Seven Continents to read to your child about the continents.

Second, talk about the continents where monkeys are found.

Third, locate the continents on a map or globe.

Fourth, print, label, and color the continents!

Friday: Art

Spend Friday relaxing and reviewing what you learned about monkeys while enjoying one of these 20 exciting monkey activities!

And if you’re looking for something a bit more low key, then pull out the paper and crayons.

Simply have your preschooler color a monkey to hang on the refrigerator!

So this week complete the monkey unit study with your preschoolers! Your children will not only have a blast learning about monkeys, but they’ll also learn some phonics math, science, geography, and art!

Is your preschooler fascinated by monkeys?

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  1. Hello, I happened to be looking for a story book with activities for my special needs students. We are in the Lifeskills unit – cognitive levels of younger than 4 years of age. I needed activities that the parents could easily instruct. Several of my students do not have internet/devices/computers, so I am making and mailing a weekly packet. I am so happy I came across your site.
    I am sure my students and parents will enjoy the activities.