From number recognition to counting to beginning math skills, don’t miss these engaging math activities for preschoolers!

I love teaching preschoolers. Everything is new and fresh and every acquired skill is such an accomplishment! Math is no exception.

From number recognition to counting to beginning math skills, don't miss these engaging math activities for preschoolers!

Whether you’re looking for math printables or hands-on activities, check out this amazing collection of preschool and kindergarten math activities.

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Some kids love worksheets! Some teachers need them to provide proof that the concept has been taught. Many parents love to see them so they know what they’re preschooler has been working on.

These math printables will help you introduce, teach, and reinforce preschool math concepts.

Preschool Math Printables

If your preschoolers enjoy worksheets, you can use printables with them. I have many on this site.

Download and print these preschool math printables! They focus on many preschool math skills and include both math games and math worksheets.

Hands-On Math Fun

This hands-on activity not only teaches shapes for kids, but it focuses on fine and gross motor skills at the same time. Preschoolers will love it!

Learning patterns at an early age builds predicting, observation and analyzing skills. Try this simple fall patterns preschool activity!

Learning is more fun when it’s hands-on. Ditch the worksheets and engage your young learners with this collection of over 100 hands-on preschool activities for math, literacy, and science.

Ditch the workbooks and printables! Teach counting, math facts, and more with these hands-on preschool math activities.

Are you looking for hands-on ways to teach preschool math? Discover seven hands-on ideas for teaching math with marshmallows!

Practice counting to ten with this “Counting Spooky Spider Eyes” hands-on Halloween math activity for preschoolers. Perfect for Halloween, spider, and bug preschool units.

Are you looking for a few hands-on Christmas math activities for preschoolers? I’ve got what you need! Check out more than twenty awesome ideas.

Discover a fun way to teach preschool numbers and counting with straws and toilet paper tubes. Simple, hands-on activity for preschool math!

preschool math books

Encourage your little ones to practice counting with these counting books for preschoolers. This is a great way to engage your little ones.

What are your favorite math activities for preschoolers? Be sure to leave a comment below, and let me know!