Dinosaur Books for Preschool

Young dinosaur fans will love these dinosaur books for preschool. These fiction picture books are perfect for engaging young readers.

Add these picture books to your upcoming dinosaur activities for preschool. Combine them with some printables, hands-on activities, and a craft or two. You’ve got everything you need to study dinosaurs with your preschoolers.

dino-books-3 Dinosaur Books for Preschool

Dinosaur Books for Preschool

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of dinosaur picture books for your young readers.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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The Berenstain Bears’ Dinosaur Dig – When Brother and Sister visit the Bearsonian Museum, they luck out. A real dinosaur dig is taking place! What sort of fossils will they find? A Stegosaurus? A Spinosaurus? The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex? Dig in with the Berenstain Bears and find out!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants – The mystery of dinosaur extinction is solved! The dinos were wiped out in an Underpants War! This wacky celebration of underpants is perfect for reading aloud, and the hilarious antics of T. rex and the gang are endlessly entertaining.

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – Harry finds some old dinosaurs in his Grandma’s attic. He cleans them up and makes them his own, carefully (and accurately) naming each one. Harry and his dinosaurs go everywhere together. But one day, after an exciting train ride, Harry accidentally leaves the dinosaurs on the train.

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Brontorina – Brontorina has a dream. She wants to dance. But Brontorina is rather large — too large to fit in Madame Lucille’s dance studio. Brontorina does not have the right shoes, and everyone knows you can’t dance without the proper footwear. Still, Brontorina knows, deep in her heart, that she is meant to be a ballerina.

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp – What did the dinosaurs do for fun? What really happened when the Jurassic gang wanted to let off some steam? They danced, of course! They rocked and rolled; they twirled and tromped! They had themselves a Dinosaur Stomp!

Have You Seen My Dinosaur? – How do you find a missing dinosaur who’s large and green and likes to roar? When a little boy’s dinosaur decides to play hide-and-seek, he is surprisingly difficult to track down.

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How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? – Laugh and smile as the dinosaurs try everything to avoid bedtime — from hiding under the bed, to screaming no! — and then snuggle in as all the dinosaurs show they really know the right way to go to sleep — a bath, a story, and a good-night kiss!

Hello World! Dinosaurs – Told in clear and easy terms (“T. rex’s arms were very small, even though its body was large”) and featuring bright, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World! makes learning fun for young children.

Thomas and the Dinosaur – Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Percy are startled—and scared—to see a dinosaur in the forest!

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How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? – From birthday hats to Ceratosaurus-sized cakes, America’s young readers will laugh out loud as the celebration moves from “bad” birthday behavior to just the right amount of silliness and sharing.

Grumpy Dinosaur – A little Dinosaur gets annoyed easily, sometimes for no reason at all!Simple rhymes, cute characters in adorable settings, and sweet, comforting addition to your child’s nighttime routine.

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur – If you happen to have a dinosaur, lying around your living room, and you don’t know what to do with it…why don’t you use it as a can opener? It will make a terrific nutcracker too! There are oodles of uses for a dinosaur — from a fine umbrella to an excellent kite and a dandy pillow, not to mention a reliable burglar alarm and the perfect excuse to forget your homework.

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How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? – A playful peek into the homes of dinosaur babies and their parents at bedtime. ‘How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light? Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout? Does he throw his teddy bear all about?

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night – You might have noticed weird things happening in your house. Unexplainable messes. Food all over the kitchen floor. Who could the culprits be? Dinosaurs!

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug – Tiny T. Rex has a HUGE problem. His friend Pointy needs cheering up and only a hug will do. But with his short stature and teeny T. Rex arms, is a hug impossible? Not if Tiny has anything to say about it! Join this plucky little dinosaur in his very first adventure—a warm and funny tale that proves the best hugs come from the biggest hearts.

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Round Out Your Unit with These Activities:

Discover some amazing dinosaur crafts for kids of all ages! They’re perfect for your dinosaur loving kids, and your upcoming dinosaur plans.

If you have a preschooler that is interested in dinosaurs, why not take that interest and turn it into a dinosaur preschool theme in your homeschool!

Engage your children with these dinosaur play dough activities. So many great ideas for hands-on fun for dinosaur lovers of all ages!

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  1. What great dinosaur books for preschoolers. I love these suggestions and I have pinned them.Thanks.

  2. These are great books! My son loved dinosaurs growing up. I will remember these for my grandson.