Daily Life 3 Step Sequencing Puzzles

Kids can learn the order of things with these 3 step sequencing puzzles. Each puzzle features activities your preschoolers will encounter in their daily lives.

This fun set of sequencing puzzles makes a great addition to my popular sequencing cards. Help little ones learn the order of things when you practice sequencing. And, these 4-piece sequencing puzzles are easy to set up.

3-step-sequencing-puzzles Daily Life 3 Step Sequencing Puzzles

3 Step Sequencing Puzzles

All you’ve got to do to prepare this activity is print, laminate, and cut. Then, this low-prep activity is good to go.

These 3 step sequencing puzzles feature ten different daily life activities including washing the dog, cleaning your room, and making jelly toast.

Each puzzle is topped with a simplified version of directions for each activity. Each instruction matches an image on a puzzle piece.

life-skills-sequencing-puzzles Daily Life 3 Step Sequencing Puzzles

To complete this activity, cut apart each of the puzzles. Choose one puzzle to work on at a time. Read the directions on the top piece of the puzzle, and have your child put the puzzle pieces in order.

Once the puzzle is assembled in the correct order, have your child retell the story. Make sure they use transition words such as first, next, and last.

Being able to retell a story or activity in the correct order is an important foundational skill. Sequencing helps children build skills necessary for reading comprehension and math.

life-skills-sequencing Daily Life 3 Step Sequencing Puzzles

Enhance Your Sequencing Activities

Add one or more of these books and resources to your sequencing activities to provide further sequencing practice. You can find these items at your local library, book store, or box store. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, you can order from Amazon by clicking the links below.

Books That Go With Sequencing Practice

If You Give a Mouse… Series –  This series of circular stories helps kids practice sequencing as they follow the main character through a day of “wants”. There’s a very clear sequence to each story, and they all come full circle – ending up right back where they started.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a… Series – As with the mouse series featured above, the Old Lady stories have a very clear sequence of events. And, all the things she swallows have a purpose which is disclosed at the end of the story. Kids will have fun trying to guess what the ending is.

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