Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

Looking for some seasonal alphabet games? There are three games included in this printable Christmas alphabet game pack!

These alphabet games are the perfect addition to your Christmas activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

These games are similar to my turkey alphabet games, but there is an additional game in the Christmas pack.

alphabet-games-for-kindergarten Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

All three Christmas alphabet printables are designed to inspire your little ones to practice the alphabet in a fun way this holiday season.

Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

I created these free printable Christmas themed alphabet games with both color and black and white graphics. I did a poll on my Facebook page a little while ago, and many people asked for black and white graphics in order to save ink.

I like to print the games with black and white graphics on colored cardstock to make them a little more engaging for little ones without using up a ton of color ink.

If you choose the colored graphics, I suggest printing on cardstock and then laminating them. This will help make your games more durable. That way, your alphabet games can stand up to much use throughout the season and can be tucked away for next year in good condition.

alphabet-matching-game Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

Alphabet Matching Game

The alphabet matching game is a great way to have young learners practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. There are 26 sets of alphabet cards – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Younger preschoolers may get overwhelmed with the whole set so I recommend focusing on just a few at a time. As they become more confident, you can add a few more until they’ve worked their way through the whole set.

You can make these cards self-checking by coding the back of each card so that each pair has a matching set of dots or stickers.

alphabet-clip-cards Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

Alphabet Clip Cards

This game also focuses on matching uppercase and lowercase letters with a little bit more of a challenge.

Kids will identify the capital letter at the top of each card. Then, they’ll look for its match among three letters at the bottom of the card. They’ll use a clothespin, paper clip, or seasonal counter to mark the correct lowercase letter.

If you use clothespins or paper clips, you can make this a self-checking activity by putting a small sticker or dot behind each correct letter before you laminate the cards.

letter-recognition-games Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

Alphabet Clip Boards

For an even greater challenge, older preschoolers can use these clip boards to work on letter recognition. Each clip board features a letter of the alphabet in the center of the board. Around the edges, there are various letters of the alphabet shown in various fonts.

Your child will identify the featured letters around the edge of the board. They can clip the letters with clothespins or paper clips.

As with the games above, you can use stickers or dots to make the clip boards self-checking.


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cmas-abc-games Christmas Alphabet Game Pack

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