A is for Angel Printables

Focus on the Long A sound this holiday season with this fun A is for Angel printable pack for preschool and kindergarten learners!

Engage your young learners this Christmas with this A is for Angel pack which focuses on early math and literacy skills that are perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

With a variety of math and literacy activities, there’s something in this pack for a wide range of ages and stages.

Teaching Long A Sound

Using the ‘A is for Angel’ printables is a fantastic and engaging way to introduce the long ‘a’ sound to preschoolers. The printables offer visual stimuli that not only enforce the phonetic concept but also make learning fun.

As you present the ‘Angel’ illustration, emphasize the ‘A’ and the sound it makes in the word ‘Angel.’ Repeat the pronunciation several times, and encourage the children to repeat after you.

You can also bring in angel-themed items to provide a tactile element to the lesson. This multi-sensory approach is beneficial in reinforcing the concept for young learners.

Remember, practice is key. Revisit the long ‘a’ sound regularly and use the ‘A is for Angel’ printable as a reminder of the sound. This will help solidify the children’s understanding and recall of the long ‘a’ sound.

Angel Worksheets for Preschool

Engage your preschoolers this Christmas with these free preschool printables. Inside this 15-page angel theme printable pack, you’ll find the following learning activities:

Alphabet Matching Cards: Print out and laminate these alphabet cards. Separate them into uppercase and lowercase cards. Use them to have preschoolers match uppercase and lowercase letters, put the letters in order, or spell the names of the ocean animals included in this pack.

Addition Practice: Roll two dice, add the dots, and color the correct number.

Color Me: Three “A is for Angel” coloring pages.

These activity pages will provide hours of learning fun for your little learner this holiday season.

Books about Angels

Reading angel-themed books with preschoolers during the holidays is an enriching and enjoyable activity. Shared reading time creates a wonderful opportunity for bonding while introducing children to the magical world of literature.

Engaging in these stories can help children understand the symbolism of angels during the holiday period, fostering their curiosity and deepening their understanding of cultural traditions.

These books not only provide an educational experience but also inspire imagination and instill a love for reading in young minds.

My First Angels – Enhanced by new rhyming text, nine of the angels from Tomie’s precious picture book Angels, Angels Everywhere return to remind youngsters that angels really are all around us – even at school and on the playground.

Goodnight Angels – As a little boy says goodnight to the things and people in his world, he remembers to offer a thankful nighttime prayer to God.

Angels, Angels Everywhere – In Angels, Angels Everywhere, Tomie dePaola presents an appealing collection of “everyday” angels, rendered in luminous fresco-style illustrations. Using just the names of the angels as text, he artfully shows how these angels help kids throughout the course of a typical day.

Angel Crafts

Are you looking for fun and creative crafts to engage preschoolers? Look no further!

Today, let’s explore the world of making angel crafts with preschoolers.

It’s a delightful activity that allows children to express their creativity while also promoting fine motor skills and imagination.

Angel Movies for Kids

Are you looking for some delightful angel-themed movies to watch with your preschoolers?

Movies have a magical way of captivating young minds and sparking imagination. Here are a few recommendations that both you and your little ones will enjoy:

More Fun Activities with Angels

Enhance your angel-themed learning and fun with these additional activities.

Angel-Themed Snacks: Treat your little ones with angel-shaped snacks or sandwiches. They not only look adorable but also encourage kids to be more involved in their meals.

Angel-Themed Songs and Rhymes: Singing songs and reciting rhymes that include angels can be a delightful way to incorporate learning and fun.

Field Trip to an Art Museum: Museums often house art pieces depicting angels. A visit could provide an opportunity to learn more about the cultural and historical significance of angels.

Remember, learning should be fun! So ensure these activities stimulate your child’s curiosity and encourage them to engage more with the theme.

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