A is for Acorn

This adorable squirrel will help your preschoolers learn that A is for Acorn! Check out this fun autumn activity!

Most alphabet activities for little ones focus on short vowel sounds. However, this free autumn printable is perfect for introducing the long vowel sound of Aa.

A is for Acorn

Acorns are so much fun! It’s crazy to think these tiny little things can grow into a huge oak tree.

Most people associate acorns with squirrels so this worksheet is a lot of fun for little ones. You can add it to your autumn lesson plans. Or, add them to a unit about squirrels, acorns, trees, or just a Letter Aa unit.

Not only does this free preschool printable provide an opportunity to celebrate fall, but this no-prep worksheet is a great way to introduce the long vowel sound of Aa.

Teaching Letters

Most preschool alphabet activities focus on the short vowel sounds. It’s important, however, to teach both sounds.

Acorns are a great object to associate with the letter A in the fall. Kids can find them on a nature walk, at the playground, or in their own backyard.

Being able to recognize uppercase letters is another important preschool skill. Many preschoolers learn lowercase letters first. If you’re teaching the alphabet, be sure to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Using This Activity

Have your preschooler color the worksheet .Make sure they can identify the letter A and the acorn. Focus on the beginning (long vowel) sound of the letter Aa.

Cut the left-hand portion of the page, and then cut out the two boxes containing the A and the acorn.

Have children glue the acorn in the box on the left and the acorn in the box on the right.

At this point, have students practice “reading” the page from left to right as they say A is for Acorn.


Fill your book basket with a great collection of preschool acorn books. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

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Little AcornBecause of an Acorn: (Nature Autumn Books for Children, Picture Books about Acorn Trees)Acorn to Oak Tree (Rookie Read-About Science: Life Cycles)


Little Acorn – This beautifully illustrated story will delight children and parents alike, and also offers a perfect introduction to the life cycle of trees. 

Because of an Acorn – Wander down the forest path to learn how every tree, flower, plant, and animal connect to one another in spiraling circles of life. An acorn is just the beginning.

Acorn to Oak Tree – This book takes readers step by step through the life cycle of this stunning addition to our landscape.

Round Out YourUnit with These Activities

This set of ten wooden acorns is the perfect toy to expand your child’s imagination. They are the perfect addition to any play setting. Add them to your sensory bins, kitchens or loose part play. The play opportunities are truly endless!

Nature is the greatest teacher and offers up the best materials to play with. This nature table loose parts set contains a great variety of nature pieces that kiddos will love to explore. Especially great for a classroom as it contains all the basics.

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