21 Butterfly Science Activities for Preschoolers

Butterflies are fascinating insects that delight people of all ages. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they go through four very different stages in their life cycles that are easy and interesting to observe.

Teach little ones all about these enchanting insects with 21 butterfly science activities for preschoolers.

We’ve rounded up some amazing crafts, activities, and printables that make learning about the butterfly life cycle super simple.

You’ll also find a butterfly feeder, a butterfly-themed baking soda and vinegar reaction, and much more. You’ll have plenty of options for rounding out your butterfly unit study!

Don’t miss this super fun butterfly life cycle necklace while you’re here!

four butterfly science activities for preschoolers

How Do You Teach Preschoolers About Butterflies?

Children are naturally inquisitive, especially when it comes to a pretty butterfly. Making science fun is the best way to foster a love of learning.

In addition to the preschool butterfly science activities below, here are some ideas for teaching preschoolers about butterflies:

  • Set up a butterfly garden: Plant milkweed and other plants that attract the butterfly species native to your area.
  • Explore butterfly vocabulary regularly: When observing butterflies, introduce your preschoolers to the correct terminology about the insect’s metamorphosis and movement through each stage: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.
  • Read lots of books about butterflies. We have several butterfly book lists for you to pick and choose from!
  • Use life cycle charts and printables. By presenting the material in different ways, you reinforce the concepts you’re trying to teach and engage different parts of your students’ brains. We have several butterfly life cycle crafts, games, and printable activities you can use.

Now let’s get to the butterfly science activities to fill out your lesson plan!

Butterfly Science Activities for Preschoolers

Is your little one fascinated with butterflies? Learn more about them with these fun and educational butterfly science activities for preschoolers. Children will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, the anatomy of these fascinating creatures, and much more! This list is perfect for preschool teachers and homeschool parents.

More Butterfly Activities for Preschoolers

Need more ideas? Here are even more crafty and educational preschool butterfly activities to use in your homeschool or preschool classroom.

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