Nonfiction Books About Butterflies

As winter fades to spring, keep an eye out for caterpillars. Then, read one or two of these nonfiction books about butterflies for more information.

Where do butterflies live? What do they eat? How do they grow? These nonfiction books will help preschoolers learn more about how caterpillars turn into butterflies and how butterflies live.

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Nonfiction Books About Butterflies

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of nonfiction books that will help your preschoolers learn about butterflies.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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Caterpillar to Butterfly – Readers will learn all about the amazing changes a monarch butterfly undergoes during its life cycle, and how it fits into its ecosystem.

Explore My World Butterflies – Curious kids will be excited to learn about the magical world of butterflies: their beauty, their importance to plant life, and their incredible metamorphosis and migration.

Butterflies for KidsButterflies for Kids answers all your questions with fascinating facts, photos, and illustrations. Learn about the butterfly life cycle, their unusual behaviors, and impressive migrations. 

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Caterpillar to Butterfly – Butterflies are all around us. It’s hard to believe these majestic insects with impressive wingspans and beautifully colored and patterned wings were once creepy crawly caterpillars. How in the world does this transformation happen?

A Butterfly’s Life – In this engaging nonfiction book, early readers are introduced to the life cycle of a butterfly. 

Butterflies – Making the yearly trip from the Northern United States and Canada to the Oyamel forest of Mexico is no easy task, and it takes five generations of butterflies in order to do so.

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I Wish I Was a Monarch Butterfly – Explore the lives of monarch butterflies with Ranger Rick in this beginning reader with full-color photos of monarchs in the wild! 

Butterflies and Moths – Want to learn all about Butterflies?  Then come touch, read, and discover all about butterflies and moths with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids! 

The Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies – Children have lots of questions about the world around them, and this book helps them discover many amazing and wonderful scientific facts about butterflies.

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My, Oh My — A Butterfly! – With a little help from the Cat in the Hat, Sally and Dick observe a small miracle in their own backyard—the metamorphosis of an egg into a caterpillar into a chrysalis into a bright new butterfly!

The Truth About Butterflies – This guide to the majestic butterfly walks you through its unique life cycle and offers anything you ever wanted to know about the colorful insect… perfect for bug lovers and insect enthusiasts!

My First Book About Butterflies – Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies? Did you know that butterflies fly thousands of miles from one country to another? Learn these facts and more in this book!

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Born to Be a Butterfly – Children who are just learning to read will love to discover the changes that turn a caterpillar into a butterfly. Experience the exciting journey from the cocoon to the skies! 

Waiting for Wings – With a simple, rhyming text and glorious color-drenched collage, this story follows the life cycle of four common butterflies, from their beginnings as tiny hidden eggs and hungry caterpillars to their transformation into full-grown butterflies. 

Monarch Butterfly – Introduce young readers to the fascinating process of how caterpillars become butterflies.

Which of these books about butterflies will you read first?


This wooden butterfly puzzle brain game will promote hand-eye coordination, develop problem-solving skills and improve matching skills. In addition, it can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

This beautiful butterfly lacing toy is great for practicing the sewing motion. It’s made of solid cherry wood, and finished with my homemade organic beeswax polish. The “needle” is attached to the natural cotton “thread” to make it easy to poke through the holes. 

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