Nativity Books for Preschoolers

This Christmas, fill your holiday shelves with nativity books for preschoolers. They’re great for focusing on the real reason for the season.

With a big stash ofChristmas books on hand, you and your preschoolers will have a hard time choosing which book to read first!

These books will be the perfect addition to your nativity preschool activities.

nativity-books-1 Nativity Books for Preschoolers

Nativity Books for Preschoolers

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of nativity books that will help your preschooler learn about the birth of Jesus.

You should be able to find them at your local library or book store. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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Room for a Little One – ‘Tis the eve of Christmas–a cold winter’s night–when Kind Ox offers to share his stable by the inn. Assuring each tentative visitor that “there’s always room for a little one,” he first gives shelter to Old Dog, then, in quick succession, Stray Cat, Small Mouse, and Tired Donkey, who is accompanied by Joseph and a weary Mary. 

The Nativity – With illustrations that are enchanting and unexpected, Julie Vivas reveals the human side to Mary’s story, beautifully imagining the Angel Gabriel delivering the news to her, the exhausting journey with Joseph to Bethlehem, and at last the deliverance of the baby Jesus.

Christmas in the Manger – Pat the donkey’s soft gray fur, touch the ram’s wooly coat, and peek at the wise men’s sparkly jewels as the story of the first Christmas unfolds from the point of view of each participant.

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The First Christmas – A classic story of The First Chrismas travels along with Mary and Joseph to the town of Bethlehem where baby Jesus is born. A simple story engages toddlers with lift-a-flap pages where they can learn and enjoy the traditional telling of Jesus’s birth and the meaning of Christmas.

Twas the Evening of Christmas – All families will delight in this simple retelling of the most famous story ever told. With a cover that comes alive with foil and sculpted embossing, this book is sure to become a Christmas classic.

Nativity Sticker Activity Book – Figures from a traditional nativity scene are waiting to fill a simple wooden stable, shown on the inside covers of this little activity book. You can help celebrate the Christmas holiday by simply placing in the indicated place 25 colorful numbered sticker images.

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The Christmas Baby – When Mary and Joseph’s child was born, the good tidings spread from the animals in the manger, to the shepherds in the fields, to the kings in distant lands, and even to the angels in the heavens! Now every time a baby is born, we celebrate and people travel from far and wide to greet the new baby—because every new baby is a small miracle.

The First Christmas Night – This beautiful retelling of the birth of Jesus celebrates that joyous night in Bethlehem so long ago. The poem begins with the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and moves through Christ’s birth, the angels’ appearance to the shepherds, and the visit by the Wise Men. 

The Christmas Story for Children The Christmas Story for Children tells readers about the birth of a special baby whose story is filled with love for us all.

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Who is Coming to Our House? – A modern Christmas classic about how the animals prepare a cozy welcome for the baby Jesus.

Lift the Flap Nativity Lift the Flap Nativity helps children understand the true message of Christmas—the good news that God so loved the world, he sent us his only son.

The Christmas Story – Share the meaning of Christmas with your children this holiday season with this classic picture book retelling of the Christmas story.

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The Nativity – For centuries, the Gospels have brought to audiences of all ages the story of the birth of Christ, from the breathtaking appearance of the angel Gabriel to the arduous journey of the three wise men, from Herod’s chilling decree to the return of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus to Nazareth.

The Christmas Story – The Annunciation, Mary and Josephs journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, the angel appearing to the shepherds, Magi traveling from the East, and the Holy family in the stable surrounded by kings, shepherds and animals: the nativity story is told here in simple words and six magnificent scenes, created in white and gold against colored backgrounds.

The First Christmas The First Christmas is a beautiful work of art, a reverent telling of the Nativity story, and a Christmas classic for families to cherish.

Which of these books about the nativity will you read first?

nativity-books-for-preschoolers Nativity Books for Preschoolers

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities

This nativity puzzle is a DIY Craft that is great for the whole family. Teach your kids about Jesus Christ’s Birth with this fun craft project. Easy 5 minute assembly all you need is Elmer’s glue.

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