Free Printable Little Red Hen Sequencing Cards

If you’re on the hunt for a fun and educational resource, our free printable Little Red Hen sequencing cards are just the thing to boost your little learners’ storytelling skills.

The classic tale of the industrious Red Hen is not only delightful but packed with important life lessons. By using story sequencing cards, you can help children understand the concept of beginning, middle, and end, and the importance of hard work and perseverance.

So, let’s dive in and discover a playful way to enhance literacy development and narrative comprehension, all while having a great time!

Free Printable Little Red Hen Sequencing Cards

This engaging low-prep pack includes a set of printable Little Red Hen sequencing cards, making it a delightful addition to your farm, summer, and even food-themed preschool lesson plans. Simply print, laminate, and cut the cards to prepare for engaging lessons.

Enhance the learning experience by reading the story of The Little Red Hen with your preschoolers. Encourage interactive participation by sharing the pictures as you progress through the story. Prompt your preschoolers throughout the reading to gauge their interest in helping with the chores and tasks presented in the story.

​What is story sequencing?

Story sequencing is a fundamental skill in early childhood education that helps lay the groundwork for reading comprehension and storytelling abilities. It involves arranging events or actions in the order they occur, which directly promotes understanding of narrative structure and causality.

As children grasp the concept of sequencing, they learn to predict outcomes, infer meaning, and improve their memory recall. When we provide them with tools like our Little Red Hen sequencing cards, we’re not just teaching them the sequence of a story; we’re empowering them to organize their thoughts and communicate more effectively.

And what’s more wonderful than seeing your preschooler’s eyes light up as they proudly retell their favorite stories?

Sequencing Tools for Preschoolers

Beyond reading The Little Red Hen and using our lovely sequencing cards, there are plenty of other ways to support your preschooler’s narrative development.

Some additional ideas include creating story collages with cut-out pictures from magazines or drawing their sequence on a large piece of paper and adding captions.

You can also act out the story together or use puppets to retell it. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try baking some bread with your little ones to tie in the meaning of hard work and perseverance?

The possibilities are endless, so let’s have fun and help our preschoolers become confident storytellers!

The Little Red Hen Story Sequence of Events

This sequencing pack includes cards featuring some of the main characters and items from the story. As you read the story aloud, have your preschooler put the picture cards in order.

Afterward, you can put the sequencing mat in a center. Laminate the pages. Cut out the small sequencing cards. Put the cards in random order on the bottom row of the mat.

Reread the story. Have your child put the sequencing discs in the correct order on the sequencing mat. There are a full-color set and a set of simple black and white pages included in this pack.

The object cards can be used in a variety of ways. Print two of each page and make a memory matching game. Use them for matching to real items on the farm or in the grocery store. The possibilities are endless!

Little Red Hen Activities

Let’s keep the momentum going with even more hands-on activities to complement The Little Red Hen story! These extension activities are designed to keep little minds curious and hands busy, broadening the educational experience beyond reading and sequencing.

Sensory Bins

Create a sensory bin filled with grains of wheat for your preschoolers to explore and ‘plant’. Mixing kinesthetic learning with the story’s themes, children get a tactile experience that solidifies the concept of sowing and reaping.

Role Play

Encourage role-playing by assigning characters from the story to the children and have them act out different scenes. They’ll learn about teamwork and the story’s moral while developing their social and emotional skills.

Garden Magic

If space allows, start a small garden to illustrate the Little Red Hen’s journey from wheat to bread. Witnessing the growth of plants from seeds can be incredibly rewarding and educational for young learners.

Easy Reader Book

Download and print a Little Red Hen Easy Reader Book that simplifies the classic story for young readers, nurturing their budding literacy skills. With large print and captivating illustrations, it’s designed to make reading a joyous learning adventure for your little ones.

Little Red Hen Craft

Craft some story-themed fun with a charming Little Red Hen craft where preschoolers can construct their very own paper plate little red hen. Using a paper plate and colored paper, they can recreate the main character of this classic story.

These suggested activities are not only fun but also augment the literacy skills fostered by the sequencing cards. They turn abstract lessons into tangible experiences, and that’s where the true magic of learning lies.

By using our sequencing cards and engaging in all the engaging activities, preschoolers have not only polished their sequencing skills but have also embraced a love for reading and storytelling.

Remember, our free packet is just the start; it’s a springboard for so many more stories and learning opportunities that await you and your preschooler.

So keep fostering their curiosity, and you’ll be amazed at the stories they’ll tell.

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