Fingerprint Flowers

Fingerprint flowers are great for spring and summer preschool craft sessions. There are so many ideas to explore!

Not only are these fingerprint flower ideas adorable and easy to create, but they make great keepsakes that you’ll love looking at year after year.

Add these art ideas to your upcoming flower activities for preschoolers.

Fingerprint Flowers

You can make these fingerprint flowers for Mother’s Day. They are perfect for your spring, summer, and flower-themed preschool lesson plans.

Look! Flowers!
Mrs. Peanuckle's Flower Alphabet (Mrs. Peanuckle's Alphabet)
The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds (Explore!)

 Look! Flowers! – Look! Flowers! They’re beautiful to see. Turn the page and you’ll find out how amazing they can be.Mrs. Peanuckle’s Flower Alphabet – From the aster to the zinnia, Mrs. Peanuckle introduces very young children to 26 types of flowers from across the globe. For each one, she offers a single defining characteristic, some of them very surprising.The Reason for a Flower – The reason for a flower is to manufacture seeds, but Ruth Heller shares a lot more about parts of plants and their functions in her trademark rhythmic style.

More Flower Fun

Explore the great outdoors with this sensational garden-themed sensory bin! This bin includes bugs, flowers, pots, colored gems, and more. It will certainly make your child blossom with excitement!

Preschoolers will strengthen fine motor skills as they creatively stack flowers, stems, and leaves with this Play 2 Grow Flower Garden playset.

These wooden lacing flower cards make for great on the go activities during a long shopping trip, or while waiting in the doctor’s office. They are a must-have in “busy bag”!

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 Kids will love sharing their knowledge as they label this parts of a flower preschool worksheet! It's perfect for assessment at the end of your lesson. Add these preschool flower life cycle activities to your upcoming spring and summer activities. Find four printable activity pages for preschoolers.

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