Easter Books for Kindergarten

Fill your shelves with a great collection of Easter books for kindergarten. Engage your beginning readers with this awesome selection of easy readers.

Add these selections to your list of favorite kindergarten books! Whether you read them aloud or your kindergarteners read them on their own, each one is perfect for your holiday reading list. 

Short text and large fonts make these books great for beginners. 

Fill your shelves with a great collection of Easter books for kindergarten. Engage your beginning readers with this awesome selection of easy readers.

There aren’t a ton of easy readers about Easter itself. But, you could also have your kids read about eggs, chicks, bunnies, and even candy during this time.

Easter Books for Kindergarten

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of Easter books for children that will help your beginning readers celebrate Easter.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

I Can Read Step 2 Marley - Beginning Reading 6 Book Set - Strike Three Marley - Firehouse Dog - Runaway Pumpkin - Big Adventure - Dog Who Ate My Homework - Not a PeepMy Little Pony: Fluttershy's Bunny Haven (Passport to Reading Level 2)Green Light Readers, Level 1: Easter Mice!


Marley: Not a Peep! – Cassie gets to bring her class’s baby chicks home for the weekend. But when Cassie needs help watching them, will Marley rise to the occasion?

Fluttershy’s Bunny Haven – Fluttershy dreams of creating a safe place for animals to live! She is so excited when she gets to make that dream come true with the help of some expert ponies. With their help, Fluttershy’s sanctuary will be perfect…right?

Easter Mice! – It’s springtime! It’s Easter time! The Holiday Mice are going on an egg hunt. Distracted by the beautiful sunny day, the littlest mouse is the only one who doesn’t find any eggs . . . until he stumbles upon a very special egg that turns out to be the best one of all. A sweet treat for beginning readers!

Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny (An I Can Read Book, Level 1)Disney Bunnies: Thumper and the Egg (World of Reading Level 1)I Love Easter! (Noodles: Beginning Reader, Level 1)


Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny – One morning Silly Tilly Mole wakes up and smells jelly beans. She thinks she forgot to remember Easter. She wants to ask the Easter Bunny in for a cup of tea, but where are her glasses and Easter bonnet? Tilly is so silly she forgets what she’s looking for–and almost misses Easter!

Thumper and the Egg – Thumper loves bouncing around the forest. Then one day he finds an egg! Help him take care of his new friend.

I Love Easter! – Noodles wants to go on an Easter Egg Hunt with Teddy. But Teddy is nowhere to be found! Now who will he share his eggs with? His other friends, of course! And when Teddy finally turns up, there’s still one Easter egg left to share!

Zeg and the Egg (Blaze and the Monster Machines) (Step into Reading)Easter Engines (Thomas & Friends) (Step into Reading)Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Peter Cottontail) (Step into Reading) by Kristen L. Depken (2012-01-10)


Zeg and the Egg – Can Blaze and the Monster Machines return a giant egg to its nest before it hatches?

Easter Engines – As Thomas and his friends are getting ready for the Easter parade, Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to go to McColl’s farm and bring back an Easter egg, but Thomas must hurry if he wants to get back in time to lead the parade.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail – Follows the efforts of Peter Cottontail to compete against the nefarious Iron Tail in order to secure his position as the Easter Bunny.

The Bunny Surprise (Disney/Pixar Toy Story) (Step into Reading)No Rest for the Easter Beagle (Peanuts)Show Me the Bunny! (SpongeBoB SquarePants) (Step into Reading)


The Bunny Surprise – Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, and the rest of the toys from Disney/Pixar Toy Story are back for an Easter adventure!

No Rest for the Easter Beagle – It’s almost Easter and Snoopy is exhausted! He still has lots of eggs to color and hide. When Lucy recommends that the Easter Beagle take a break, it’s up to the Peanuts Gang to color and hide all the eggs. Everyone wants to help, but are they up to the task?

Show Me the Bunny! – When Patrick scares away the Easter Bunny by mistake, SpongeBob SquarePants decides to put on a bunny suit and hide eggs for his best friend. But the egg hunt takes and unexpected turn when Patrick finds the biggest egg they have ever seen!

Which of these Easter books for kids will you read first?

Enhance Your Activity Time

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Lacing card toys make great gifts for kids! A rabbit (Easter Bunny) shaped lacing toy is a fun way to bring festive fun and learning for the toddlers in your life! Designed for small hands and build to last!

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