Days of the Week Tracing

Do you want to help your child learn the days of the week? This Days of the Week Tracing Worksheet is a great way to help your little one get familiar with the order of the days in a week as well as how each day is spelled.

Your child will love learning about the days of the week with this fun tracing worksheet! You can add this worksheet to your kindergarten literacy center or use it as independent handwriting practice.

This worksheet contains all seven days of the week for kids to trace and then lines to practice writing them on their own.

This worksheet aims to help your child learn and practice writing the days of the week as well as improve their motor skills and handwriting.

Days of the Week Tracing

This tracing worksheet is a great way to help your little one develop their understanding of the order of days in a week and practice how to spell each day.

What You’ll Need

  • paper
  • printer
  • pencil

Using Our Worksheet

First, print out the tracing worksheet to use with your child.

Trace the days of the week. Encourage your child to trace each day of the week and focus on forming the letters correctly.

Practice writing the words on their own. Once they have traced each word, encourage them to practice writing out each day individually on the blank lines.

NOTE: You can make this activity reusable by laminating the worksheet or slipping it into a page protector. Then, you can have your child complete the page with a dry-erase marker.

Teaching the Days of the Week

Teaching children the days of the week is an important building block in their academic journey.

To ensure that students remain engaged in the learning process, teachers should offer a combination of different activities and visual aides such as pictures and interactive worksheets.

An effective way to introduce the days of the week could involve singing a song that includes each day of the week (e.g “The Days of the Week Song”). This can be done in weekly intervals to engage and encourage memorization.

Additionally, assistive technology such as iPads may be used to introduce various apps that initiate more creative online activities suitable for kindergarteners – such as illustrated card-based flashcards with accompanying audio files.

Ultimately, teachers must develop a plan which allows them to individualize these activities according to each student’s needs and interests.

Days of the Week Books for Kids

Once your child has mastered writing and tracing the days of the week, you can move on to reading books about each day!

Here are some great days of the week books for kids that you can read with them:

  • Today is Monday by Eric Carle – String beans, spaghetti, ZOOOOP, roast beef, fresh fish, chicken and ice cream are the delicious fare during the week in this popular children’s song. Until Sunday. Then, all the world’s children are invited to come together and share in the meal. 
  • Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward – One of Tomie’s most popular young picture books, this charming story about Cookie the cat makes a perfect read along. With its bright watercolor illustrations and one sentence of text per page, kids will love following Cookie through the days of the week—and seeing all the trouble he causes around the house!
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – Featuring interactive die-cut pages, this board book edition is the perfect size for little hands and great for teaching counting and days of the week.

These books are perfect for teaching your little one more about each day of the week and also provide them with fun stories to enjoy.

Hopefully this tracing worksheet has helped your child learn more about the days of the week and develop their handwriting skills along the way.

Keep up with their progress and continue to provide stimulating activities that help them learn more about the world around them.

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