Winter Animals Books for Toddlers

Snuggle up with your little ones and a few great winter animals books for toddlers. They’re perfect for this time of year.

On the list below, you’ll find books about polar animals as well as more familiar animals in a winter setting.

All of them will engage your toddlers from cover to cover and introduce them to new places and new animals.

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of board books that will help you introduce your toddlers to a wide variety of winter animals.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

Winter Animals Books for Toddlers

There are so many benefits to reading to children from a very early age.

Not only does it provide kids with quality time with you, but you can increase your child’s vocabulary and introduce them to new concepts with books.

Board books, like the ones featured here, are great for kids ages 1-3. Their sturdy pages hold up to your little one being a little rough as toddlers tend to be.

Hello, World! Arctic Animals


Hello, World! Arctic Animals – Toddlers can learn all about the lives of Arctic animals with easy-to-understand facts about how these incredible animals eat, sleep, camouflage, and stay warm in such a cold environment.

By Jan Brett The Three Snow Bears (Brdbk) [Board book]


The Three Snow Bears – Toddlers will love this winter version of The Three Bears.

When Aloo-ki’s sled dogs float away on an ice floe, she goes looking for them. She comes upon an igloo with no one home and goes inside.

In the meantime, Mama, Papa and Baby Bear swim out and rescue Aloo-ki’s dogs. They all go home for breakfast to find a surprise visitor curled up in Baby Bear’s bed for a nap.

A Loud Winter's Nap (Fiction Picture Books)


A Loud Winter’s Nap – Every year Tortoise sleeps through winter. He assumes he isn’t missing much. However, his friends are determined to prove otherwise!

Will Tortoise sleep through another winter, or will his friends convince him to stay awake and experience the frosty fun of winter?

Babies in the Snow Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book (Babies Love)


Babies in the Snow: Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book – Introduce your baby or toddler to arctic animals including polar bears, whales, caribou, walruses, seals, and more in this adorable lift-a-flap board book.

Simple sentences reinforce future language structure while grasping and lifting the sturdy flaps helps develop fine motor skills.

A perfect first book!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends)


Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? – Children will chant the rhythmic words.

They’ll make the sounds the animals make. And they’ll pretend to be the zoo animals featured in the book– look at the last page!

Over in the Arctic (Our World, Our Home)


Over in the Arctic: A Polar Animal Counting Book – Learning to count is fun while finding adorable baby animals in their natural habitats!

Discover polar bears that roll, whales that click, and snowy owls that swoop, and begin to find a place in your heart for many of the other animals in the arctic.

Explore the world around you, and inspire a bond with nature through curiosity and wonder!

Hush Little Polar Bear: A Picture Book


Hush Little Polar Bear – “Hush little polar bear. Sleep in the snow and dream of places where little bears go.”

And so begins the dream adventure of a little girls stuffed animal polar bear until it finally rests snugly beside her in bed.

Winter Dance


Winter Dance – Snow is coming, and it’s time to get ready! The squirrel gathers nuts, the geese soar south, and the snowshoe hare puts on its new white coat. But what should the fox do?

Each animal advises the fox that its own plan is best, but the fox thinks otherwise—yet it’s not until he meets a golden-eyed friend that he finds the perfect way to celebrate the snowfall.

Little Owl's Snow


Little Owl’s Snow – “Winter’s almost here!” says Little Owl, as he observes leaves falling, animal friends hibernating, and a chill from his feathers to his feet.

And just as he and his friend Racoon are watching their breath make fog in the cold air, it happens: Snow!

Ten on the Sled


Ten on the Sled –  In the land of the midnight sun, all the animals are having fun speeding down the hill on Caribous sled.

But as they go faster and faster, Seal, Hare, Walrus, and the others all fall off . . . until just the caribous left, only and lonely.

Now, a reindeer likes flying-but never alone, so . . . all the animals leap onto the sled again!

Which of these books about winter animals will you read first?

This “ARCTIC WILDLIFE” quiet book introduces your baby the Polar animals, helps to develop imagination and fine motor skills!

This Arctic small world sensory bin filler includes everything your child needs to engage in beneficial sensory play. Sensory play encourages children to explore their senses and enhances creativity.

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