Ocean Sensory Bin

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging ocean sensory bin for your preschoolers, look no further! This whale themed bin is perfect for keeping little ones entertained and engaged.

Sensory bins are a great way to promote exploration and creativity in young children. So go ahead and give this whale themed ocean sensory bin a try! Your preschoolers are sure to love it.

Invite your preschoolers to explore and play in this ocean sensory bin. They can use their hands to scoop and pour the water beads, and watch as they trickle down through their fingers.

They can also use small toys to move around the whales and other ocean animals. This is a great opportunity for them to practice their fine motor skills.

What is a sensory bin?

Sensory bins are simply containers filled with materials that can be used for exploring and experiencing different senses.

Most preschool classrooms will have at least one sensory bin, and they can be filled with anything from water to sand to rice.

The key is to choose materials that are safe for children and that will allow them to explore different textures, smells, and sounds.

Sensory bins can also be used to help develop fine motor skills, as children learn to scoop and pour the materials.

So next time you see a sensory bin, don’t be afraid to dive in and explore!

Why are sensory bins important?

Sensory bins are an important part of the preschool curriculum for a number of reasons. First, they help to develop fine motor skills as children use their hands to explore the materials in the bin.

Second, sensory bins promote cognitive development as children sort and classify the objects they find.

Third, sensory bins provide a calming and relaxing activity for children, which can be helpful during moments of transition or when children are feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, sensory bins are simply fun! They offer a chance for children to use their imagination and play while also learning about the world around them.

How to Make an Ocean Sensory Bin

An ocean sensory bin is a fun and easy way to bring the beach to your home. All you need is a large container, some water beads, and ocean-themed toys.

For ours sensory bin, we used whale figures. However, you can add shells, other ocean animals, mermaids, etc.

Prepare the water beads according to the directions on the package. For this sensory bin, I added one tablespoon of water beads to ½ gallon of clean water.

Set them aside for a few hours until the water beads reach full size.

Use a slotted spoon or colander to remove any extra water from the bowl used to prepare the water beads.

Carefully pour the beads into the sensory bin. Be careful, because water beads are bouncy.

Add your ocean toys and sensory bin objects. Allow your child time to explore the contents of the sensory bin and get creative with play while doing so.

Your child will have so much fun scooping and pouring the “sea” and exploring the different textures of the objects inside. We guarantee this activity will provide hours of fun!

Not only is an ocean sensory bin a great way to encourage creativity and exploration, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for a little one to learn about the wonders of the sea.

Ocean Books for Preschool

There’s nothing quite like a good book to take you on an underwater adventure. If you’re looking for some fun ocean books for preschoolers, here are a few of our favorites.

In The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister, our hero sets out on a journey to find the most beautiful fish in the sea. Along the way, he learns an important lesson about sharing and friendship.

For a giggly good time, check out Walter the Whale Shark and His Teeny Tiny Teeth, by Katrine Crow. What do you do when you feel like you don’t fit in? Find something that makes you stand out!

And in Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger, we journey along with Inky the octopus as he makes a daring escape from his aquarium to the open sea―based on a real-life aquatic adventure!

These are just a few of the many wonderful ocean books that are sure to delight young readers. So dive in and explore the amazing world beneath the waves!

The ocean sensory bin was a big hit with our preschoolers! They loved exploring the different textures and finding all of the whales.

It was a great way to beat the summer heat and keep them entertained. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, be sure to try out this ocean sensory bin.

For a fun twist that will keep little hands busy and minds engaged, consider adding some summertime sandy beach cloud dough to your ocean sensory bin, offering hours of imaginative play and a wonderful opportunity to discuss textures, shapes, and the wonders of the beach.

What other ideas do you have for sensory play?

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