Firefighter Math Worksheets

These free firefighter math worksheets will provide an opportunity to practice counting, identifying shapes, and more.

Add these preschool math printables to your firefighter, community helpers, or Letter Ff preschool lesson plans.

Add these free preschool printables to your upcoming math activities throughout October, which is Fire Safety Month .

Firefighter Math Worksheets

As you begin to lay the foundation for basic math skills, there are so many fun things you can do with your preschoolers.

In addition to hands-on preschool math activities, you can provide your little ones with worksheets to assess their knowledge of what you’ve taught.

When you provide your little ones with opportunities to hone their skills, you’re building a foundation for success as they progress to higher level math through their academic years.

These no-prep math worksheets are perfect for the coming weeks as we head into autumn and gear up for Fire Safety Week in October.


These math worksheets are designed for use with preschool and kindergarten kiddos. They can be used with slightly older kids who need a little extra reinforcement, as well.

Kids will practice shape matching, one-to-one correspondence, and counting from one to ten with a variety of activities in this six-page pack.

Because they don’t require any prep work, they’re great for use in both classroom and homeschool use. You can use them for morning work, math instruction, and/or math centers with your kids ages 3-6.


Counting to Five

Children will count sets of matches or water drops (from a firehose) and color the correct number.

Counting to Ten

There are two sets of counting to ten worksheets. One page has matches, and the other page has water drops from a firehose.

Shape Matching

Children will identify different shaped fire hydrants. Then, they’ll color the 2D shape that matches.

Letter or Number

Preschoolers will look at twenty letters/numbers on the page. They’ll color all of the flames that contain numbers.

Which Has More?

Children will look at groups of objects and identify which group in each set has more.


• A Day in the Life of a Firefighter | A Level 1 DK Reader that accurately portrays a day in the life of a real firefighter, perfect for young children who are just learning to read.

• Firefighters A to Z | Every day, brave firefighters come to our rescue. When the fire alarm sounds, men and women put on their uniforms, slide down the firehouse pole, jump in their big red trucks, and rush to save our lives.

• Fire! Fire! | Fire! Fire! teaches beginning readers about the important job of firemen in the community. The book includes a glossary in the back with fire-fighting equipment keywords as well as a list of ways to prevent a fire and what to do if there is a fire.

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities

These cute fireman personalized puzzles are adorable puzzles for any child. These name puzzles are personalized with any name you like. 

Here come the firefighters! Let your child be the hero in their own imaginations as they fight fires and create unlimited play dough creations with this fun firefighter themed playdough kit.

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