Zoo Themed Classroom Decorations

These zoo themed classroom decorations are a great way to inspire and engage your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

When it comes to decorating your learning space, it’s so much fun to incorporate your current (or upcoming) theme.

If you’re planning zoo activities for preschoolers, you’re going to love all of the wonderful ideas I’ve rounded up for you.

I love that these ideas can be adapted for use no matter where your learning space happens to be.

You can use them in your classroom no matter if you’re in a school setting or a daycare. They can be used in your children’s library space for storytime.

And, if you homeschool, these decorations can be used to decorate your learning space or playroom.

Zoo Theme Classroom

A zoo-themed learning space is a fun and educational way to decorate. By using zoo animals and themes, you can create a learning environment that is both stimulating and engaging.

There are many ways to incorporate zoo themes into your decor, from wall murals to animal-themed rugs. You can also use stuffed animals, puppets, and toys to create a lively and interactive setting.

With a little imagination, you can transform your learning space into a miniature zoo that will capture the attention of your students and encourage them to learn about the animal kingdom.

Zoo Classroom Door Ideas

Create an inviting entry to your learning space by creating a themed door! Here are a few fun ideas for you.

Zoo Decor for the Classroom

Now that your door is complete, it’s time to look around the classroom to see where you can add more zoo-themed decorations.

• Zoo Animals Cut Out Signs

• 5’x7′ Zoo Play Rug

• Animal Print Burlap and Fabric Banner

Zoo Animal Sticker Roll

Palm Leaves and Fronds

Zoo Quotes for the Classroom

These zoo-themed quotes can be added to your door, your bulletin boards, or printed and hung around the room.

  • It’s a zoo in here!
  • Wild one.
  • Lions, tigers, and bears – OH MY!
  • We’re just monkeying around.
  • Going wild .
  • Take a walk on the wild side.
  • Born to be wild.

Zoo Bulletin Board Ideas

You can decorate your bulletin board as a welcome sign with each child’s name featured on it. Or, you can decorate the board as a place to showcase your preschoolers work. Either way, you’ll love these bulletin board decorations.

Animal Print Banner

Zoo Animal Motivational Posters

Wild About… Bulletin Board Display

Animal Print Letters and Numbers

• Animal Print Bulletin Board Trim

Zoo Activities for Kids

• Educational Activities for Kids at the Zoo

• Zoo Animal Preschool Math Activities

• Zoo Animals for Kids

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