Winter Playdough Mats

These winter playdough mats are a great way to entertain preschoolers while helping them build fine motor muscles in their hands.

I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love playdough. Moms and teachers, on the other hand, don’t love it as much as kids do. It can get messy.

When you know that play dough can be an educational tool, it makes it a little less stressful to pull it out of the closet.

These free preschool printables are the perfect addition to your winter preschool activities. Kids can build fine motor skills, letter recognition, and handwriting.

Winter Playdough Mats

Playdough was always a hit in my house. My kids loved rolling, pinching, smooshing, and getting creative with it.

I love that playdough keeps my kids occupied so I can get a few things done around the house. But, more than that, I love that kids can learn while doing one of their favorite things.

Playdough mats like these are quick to put together. There’s almost no prep involved so kids can get started with this activity in no time. These free printable playdough mats are perfect for your preschool centers.

Print out these free playdough mats, and you’ve got a quick and easy activity to use with your kids. These mats are great when you want a quick and easy activity to do with your kids – an activity that teaches while they play.

These playdough mats teach a variety of beginner skills. They can help preschoolers with letter recognition, handwriting, and more!

Print and Go Activities

My favorite preschool activities are the ones that don’t require much prep time. These playdough mats fit the bill. All you’ve got to do is print them out and laminate them.

I love laminating preschool activity pages to make them more durable. We all know how quickly busy little hands can destroy a well-planned activity. So, I print the pages on cardstock and laminate them for durability.

When I don’t laminate an activity, I slip it into a dry erase pouch. This helps make the pages reusable. Just have little ones use dry erase markers for the writing part.

How to Use the Mats

Print the playdough mats and laminate them or slip them in a dry erase pocket. Have your child roll, pinch, and mold playdough to build each winter-themed object in the pack.

Once they’ve built the items, have them trace each sentence at the bottom of the page. This is a great opportunity for little ones to work on handwriting.

If you have older preschoolers or kindergarteners, you can talk about sentences. Point out that all sentences begin with capital letters and end with a punctuation mark – periods in this instance.

When you laminate the pages or slip them in dry erase pockets, the pages are reusable. This allows them to be used over and over again. Just wipe them clean and start over.


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Teaching Resources

This Preschool Coloring Activity Book is intended for children 2-5 years of age. The activities include coloring, connecting the dots, mazes, spotting differences and similarities, putting items in order, pairing them up, redrawing objects, counting elements, writing and guessing words.

Stack them every which way and see how tall you make the stack before they come falling down! It’s much harder than it looks… trust me! These wood snowmen are great for pretend play, stacking, sorting and most of all, learning patience!

This collection of winter crafts for kids will keep your crew busy during the long, cold winter months! There’s something on this list of kids of all ages.

If you love filling your bookshelves with seasonal books, don’t miss this collection of children’s books about winter. Winter-themed fiction and nonfiction picture books!

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