Winter Books for Toddlers

Snuggle up with these winter books for toddlers! Featuring snowmen, arctic animals, winter activities, and more! Perfect for cold winter days.

As you begin planning preschool winter activities for your little ones, be sure to fill a book basket with some seasonal board books. Their study pages and colorful pictures are sure to engage even your youngest audience. 

winter-brd-bks-1 Winter Books for Toddlers

Whether you’re introducing them to winter, reading about winter activities, or just preparing for a winter visit from Mother Nature, there is something on this list that you’ll all enjoy.

Winter Books for Toddlers

Which of these books about winter will you read first?

winter-board-books Winter Books for Toddlers

Round Out Your Winter Unit with These Activities

Sammy Snowman is a great quiet toy! Kids will love changing Sammy’s features around and it’s a great way to learn body parts! Great for entertaining kids in the car, in waiting rooms or in church!

This Preschool Coloring Activity Book is intended for children 2-5 years of age. The activities include coloring, connecting the dots, mazes, spotting differences and similarities, putting items in order, pairing them up, redrawing objects, counting elements, writing and guessing words. 

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