Zoo Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten

Check out these zoo animals worksheets for kindergarten! Explore fun facts about a number of animals your child can see at the zoo.

Each worksheet is formatted the same way. Kids will read a sentence featuring the beginning letter and animal name. Then, they’ll color the picture of the animal.

Zoo Animals for Kids

Teaching your kindergarteners fun facts about animals at the zoo is a great way to help them connect with the world around them.

There are so many ways to use these worksheets with your kindergarteners. You can add them to your alphabet activities, your zoo theme, or your handwriting centers.

Children will read the sentence at the top of the page. Each one has a “___ is for _______” sentence at the top featuring the name of the animal and the letter it begins with.

They can color this sentence if they’d like. Next, children can read and trace short sentences about each of the animals featured in this pack.

Then, they’ll write the sentences on their own. If your child isn’t ready to write a complete sentence, have them practice writing the name of the animal.

Finally, they can color the zoo animal featured on the page. There are 24 animals included in this packet.

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