Zoo Animal Games

Kids love playing games! This collection of zoo animal games is perfect for family game night with your little ones.

In addition to being just plain fun, your preschool and kindergarten kiddos can practice important early learning skill as well.

Pin the Nose on the Elephant

Kids of all ages will get a kick out of trying to pin the nose on the elephant. The player who gets the closest is the winner.

 Zoo Regatta - This board game is designed with three ways to play. Kids will love this family friendly game with funny animals and exciting adventures.

This game is perfect for helping kids learn to focus on details.

Guess in 10 Junior: Animal Kingdom

Kids will love rolling the dice, picking bananas from the tree, and trying to catch Banana Joe when he jumps out of the tree.

Banana Blast

This huge felt board story set is perfect for allowing children to make up their own games or retell their favorite zoo themed story.

Zoo Animals Felt Board Story Set

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